Don't Miss: Rita, the Forgotten Storm Victims of Hurricane Rita say they're not feeling the love.
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Don't Miss: Rita, the Forgotten Storm

"Frustration" is a word that's been heard a lot in the six months since Katrina. Frustration with the slow pace of clean up and reconstruction. Frustration over the lack of housing and federal assistance.

But victims of the "other" hurricane, Rita, are at a stage far, far beyond frustration. Almost a month after Katrina struck, Rita wiped out entire towns in Louisiana and eastern Texas. People in those areas say Rita is "the forgotten storm." Rita victims say they've received only a fraction of the attention they deserve from the media and Congress.

Adding to their exasperation is the fact that some government benefits offered to Katrina victims are not extended to those affected by Rita.

Jeff Brady reports this morning on a tax credit given to homeowners who provide housing to Katrina evacuees. That credit, however, does not apply to people giving shelter to Rita victims.

It's a report that left me feeling frustrated as well.