NPR News Agenda From the Thursday Editors' Meeting Cover your mouth and wash you hands before and after reading this blog.
NPR logo NPR News Agenda From the Thursday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda From the Thursday Editors' Meeting

This morning's meeting was kicked off by "Juror No. 10," aka Managing Editor Bill Marimow. Bill just returned from jury duty and informed us that he and the other 11 angry men (and women) in their case reached a verdict in just 45 minutes.

The jury in the Moussoui trial will likely have a tougher time. The defense presents its case today. The big question at the meeting: Will Moussoui take the stand?

Immigration: NPR's Jennifer Ludden is working on a piece about efforts to bring African-Americans into the immigrant rights movement.

Rumsfeld: Another general has joined the list of retired officers demanding the resignation of the secretary of defense. Gen. John Batiste who commanded the 1st Infantry Division in Iraq says the Pentagon needs new leadership. All of the NPR shows are pursuing the general. Place your bets on who gets him first.

Science: The mumps are back (cue the theme from Jaws). Normally, there are about 300 cases a year in the U.S. More than 500 cases have been reported in Iowa alone. Six other Midwestern states are also reporting heavy outbreaks. Health officials say this mumps manifestation may have originated with just two airline passengers. Listen for a report tonight on NPR. Remember, mumps is highly contagious. Wash your hands after reading this.