Don't Miss: A Party in Your Mouth! Radio that explodes in your mouth, not in your hands.
NPR logo Don't Miss: A Party in Your Mouth!

Don't Miss: A Party in Your Mouth!

This is how great radio is born. The wonderful people up in NPR Digital Media were having a morning pow-wow today when one of our Web guys described the exciting and explosive reaction that occurs when one drops an entire roll of Mentos into a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke. Our crack online investigative team quickly found video evidence of the phenomenon, posted on the Web by Joshua Wise.

Somehow this conversation bubbled its way down three flights to the staff of All Things Considered, who decided to recreate the phenomenon for your listening pleasure. Like a poorly sealed Coke bottle, news of the experiment soon seeped out. A litter of NPR staffers gathered on the grassy knoll in front of NPR. There they witnessed Michele Norris and David Kestenbaum launching sugar-powered science projects into the air.

Make sure you catch this groundbreaking, carbonated news story this evening... especially the part where Kesty boldly tries the experiment in his own mouth. I have to agree with Executive Producer Chris Turpin, who walked up to me as I observed the proceedings and asked, "Who says we don't have the best job in America?"

The Mentos, Diet Coke Explosion
Andrea Seabrook