Tuesday Music: A Music Appreciation Lesson I'm a music ignoramus, but some of this new stuff ain't bad.

Tuesday Music: A Music Appreciation Lesson

'All the Roadrunning'

I'm here in my cubicle with Ben Brudevold-Newman, assistant to Mixed Signals, to discuss new music releases. I just learned that the music industry always releases on Tuesday. Why? Please write in if you know.

The first CD Ben popped in my laptop was Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris' new release of original songs, All The Roadrunning. The first track is titled "Beachcombing" (listen). As a music ignoramus, all I can say is very nice, very country, very Dire Straits. If it were on my car radio, I wouldn't change the channel... but I'm not rushing to Amazon to buy it either.

Ben and I also listened to Death Cab for Cutie... a band whose name I've heard for years and loved (here's an explanation on the origin of the name), but whose music I know nothing about. We heard one of their recorded concerts at the 9:30 Club. Their music was bouncy and listenable, but to be perfectly honest, I have nothing more intelligent to say about it. So I can only suggest that you go listen too.

Ben (who has a lot more credibility in this area than I do) says he's not a big fan of Death Cab because he was out of the country when they made a name for themselves. When he came back, he resisted listening to them simply because they were big. Decide for yourself. Check out the concert on All Songs Considered.