I Know Tony Snow Tony Snow is a sunny, loose and upbeat guy. Let's see how long that lasts when he becomes the new press secretary.
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I Know Tony Snow

I sit on the "journalists' panel" on Fox News Sunday, the talk show Tony Snow hosted until a few years ago. (Chris Wallace now occupies the host chair). Snow is an extremely loose and relaxed guy and open to a fault -- he discussed his consideration of the White House job candidly on Fox.

I imagine his style at the White House podium will be very different from Scott McClellan's or Ari Fleisher's. He doesn't have the personality of a "staffer," so I don't know how he will interact with the up until now, super-controlled culture of the White House press operation. Snow is a conservative... why would the White House hire anyone else? But he's also been quite critical of the president lately. Exactly what happens to that level of candor when he puts on his "spokesman" hat is unclear.

But here are a few other observations. I mentioned how upbeat -- even Pollyannaish -- he can be. I saw him handle his bout with colon cancer with a sunniness that was completely astounding. I don't know if he will help the White House get its "message" out any better than before. But from my experience, he should bring a little more fun to the briefing.