Don't Miss: On Top of the World Steve Inskeep took me on a journey this morning through the Northwest Passage.
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Don't Miss: On Top of the World

Until this morning, I had no idea what the Northwest Passage was. Now I do, because today I drove to work listening to Steve Inskeep talking with James Delgado, the author of Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage was a fabled shortcut between Europe and the Far East. The idea was to sail on a zigzag route through the islands of northern Canada. But since the 1400s, ice has prevented explorers from completing the passage. That's changing, though, because of global warming.

Also this morning, the voices and anguish of military families trying to stay together in the face of the wrenching deployments to Iraq. Kathy Lohr takes you into the homes of these husbands and wives.