Replaying Political Ads of Years Past Can't get enough attack ads on TV? Watch 'em in reruns on the Web!
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Replaying Political Ads of Years Past

I am a true troglodyte when it comes to the brave new world of digital media. Thank God I have the expert assistance of Ben Brudevold-Newman, who has found yet another useful site... at least for political junkies.

After NPR scrambled in 2004 to try to collect the latest attack ads on TV and the Web, little did we know that there was a one-stop-shopping Web site for all of it.

The Museum of the Moving Image has assembled a complete archive of all the presidential campaign commercials since the beginning of television and put them on its Web site. Tim Schwartz is the assistant curator of digital media at the museum. He said starting in 2004 the site took TV commercials and streamed them on line (see, I can sling that digital media lingo just as if I knew what it meant!). It also put up those Web-only commercials run by the campaigns as well as by third-party groups like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and Before you know it, the museum will start cataloguing commercials from the 2008 race.