Attack of the Vloggers! Seeking 15 minutes of fame with do-it-yourself Internet TV...
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Attack of the Vloggers!

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I always wondered what people who surf the Web all day were actually doing. Now that I am being paid to surf the Web, I've found out.

I entered the world of vlogging, or video blogging, today (a little presumptuous of me, since I still really haven't yet figured out what blogging is) and took a glimpse into the future where there will be no need for television talking heads. Now anyone can be a talking head... and there are some pretty entertaining ones out there. The one that's getting the most ink (oops, I should say "buzz") is Amanda Congdon's. She has a DIY vlog called Rocketboom. It's a little like The Colbert Report anchored by Judy Holliday. Her main prop is an anchor chair on wheels.

Ben Brudevold-Newman (the intrepid blog assistant) points out that, in a sign that even the brand new world of vlogging is now being recognized as a way to sell things, Congdon is now hosting advertisements for Earthlink. There are lots of other vlogs on this site... cooking vlogs, travel vlogs and — apropos of the immigration debate — Spanish language vlogs.