'Radical Prunings' by Bonnie Thomas Abbott This novel isn't beach reading," writes listener Holly from Spokane, Wash., "it's lounging-in-the-garden reading." Abbott creates a fictional and humorous collection of gardening columns by one Mertensia Corydalis.
NPR logo 'Radical Prunings' by Bonnie Thomas Abbott

'Radical Prunings' by Bonnie Thomas Abbott

"This novel isn't beach reading, it's lounging-in-the-garden reading: light-hearted and hilarious.

"Miss Mertensia is a cantankerous gardening advice columnist who must cope with her celebrity gardener ex-husband, her weird next-door neighbor who writes in anonymously, her ne'er-do-well brother and of course, the idiots who keep pestering her about lawn care, despite Miss Mertensia's repeated rants on the loathesome subject."

From Holly, who listens to KPBX in Spokane, Wash.

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Radical Prunings: A Novel
Bonnie Thomas Abbott

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