Boiled Neckbones with Potatoes Read Ellen Sebastian Chang's family recipes for boiled neckbones with potatoes, and "crap."

Boiled Neckbones with Potatoes

Ellen Sebastian Chang's mama, Rosetta (left) and mother, Nancy. Courtesy Ellen Sebastian Chang hide caption

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Courtesy Ellen Sebastian Chang


Rosetta Rankin's Boiled Neckbones with Potatoes

Boil pork neckbones in a pot of water.

Right before the meat is tender, add peeled and quartered potatoes.

Salt and pepper.

Meat should fall off with bone and potatoes are done.

"Now, my Mama never wrote down any recipes. I would watch her and she never used a measuring cup -- just tea cups and whatever spoon was around. She just estimated everything -- and everything was always divine. She said it was because her hand juice was in everything."

Nancy McLaughlin's 'Crap'

"This is a recipe my mother made up when I came to live with her. My Mom says she still makes this today because she really likes it. She also laughingly said I should pass it on to my daughter Sunim."

Chopped onions -- "cook them however you cook onions."

Hamburger: "Cook it very well done."

Add pepper.

Grate cheddar cheese on top "however much you like."

Add raisins.

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