Starting a Romance, Starting a Family Stories about how families begin are as varied as families themselves. An accidental meeting can become an act of destiny -- and the stuff of family legend. For 15-year-old Julia Pilowsky, the story starts with her grandmother going to a dance.

Starting a Romance, Starting a Family

Starting a Romance, Starting a Family

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Florence Aaron told her granddaughter, Julia Pilowsky, about love at first sight recently. StoryCorps hide caption

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Stories about how families get started are as varied as the families themselves. An accidental meeting can turn into an act of destiny -- and become part of family lore, repeated and passed down to younger generations.

That's the case with Florence Aaron, who tells her granddaughter how she came to meet her grandfather.

Talking with her granddaughter, 15-year-old Julia Pilowsky, Florence says her life changed in the early 1940s. That's when she went on a weekend visit to a Hudson River resort in Newburgh, N.Y., -- and met her future husband, Sam Aaron.

He was in uniform at a dance, and the two began talking. And by the end of the night, she says, “We were smooching in his car.”

Florence says she knew immediately that she wanted to marry Sam. And when they married, she also knew that she wanted to have plenty of children. She wanted to duplicate what they had, to make the world a better place, she said.

"It was a love affair that went on until the day he died," she says.

Florence's husband Sam passed away in 1997, just a few weeks before their 52nd wedding anniversary.

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