A Scanner Darkly Re-Mix Your chance to finally cut a decent trailer.
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A Scanner Darkly Re-Mix

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It's always something of an excitement for me when a new movie comes out based on a Philip K. Dick novel. Sometimes it's done brilliantly, as in Bladerunner, and sometimes poorly, like Minority Report, and sometimes mixed, like Total Recall.

There is something so shocking about a Dick novel that I don't read them that often. When I do read them, there's definitely a before and after way I view the world. And while I appreciate the feeling, it's one of those things that I don't have a desire for frequently.

But it says something about the power of Dick's ideas that he is constantly being mined for TV and film. The latest one to hit the theaters is A Scanner Darkly based on the novel of the same name. It is dark. And compelling. And, like most of Dick, weirdly plausible.

The movie is a rotoscope/animated film starring Keanu Reeves. And what's cool right now is that you can mix your own trailer for it. Jumpcut provides the elements, you put it together. Then viewers rate them. I think the current favorite is better than the official one.

The next Dick based movie is Next starring Nicolas Cage and based on his short story, The Golden Man.