'Revolutionary Road' by Richard Yates Stacy, who listens to KQED in California's Bay Area, says this novel about marriage and suburban life can be hard to find, but worth the search.
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'Revolutionary Road' by Richard Yates

I think Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates is the best book that not enough people are reading. After seeing it mentioned in Anne Lamott's Blue Shoe and Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down, I was determined to get my hands on it, but couldn't find it in any bookstores or libraries.

"I eventually had to get it from an inter-library loan. It was completely worth the effort, however. It's a beautifully tragic story about married life and the things that people think will make them happy. Knowing now how hard it is to find Revolutionary Road, I can't help but wonder if Lamott and Hornby were working to bring it back into the public consciousness by featuring it in their novels. If so, I want to help the cause.

-- From Stacy, who listens to KQED in California's Bay Area

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