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The latest headlines.


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MATT MARTINEZ: Thanks, Mike. Five people are dead after a shooting at a plastics plant in western Kentucky. Police in Henderson say an employee shot and killed four people and then himself. Two others were injured. The shooting occurred after the employee had an argument with a supervisor.

Southern African leaders are holding an emergency meeting in hopes of resolving the crisis in Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe has refused to bow to world pressure for him to call off Friday's runoff election. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports.

OFEIBEA QUIST-ARCTON: The summit on Zimbabwe involves a troika of leaders responsible for regional peace and security, but the mediator in the Zimbabwe crisis, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki, is not there. An Mbeki spokesman said he was not invited. The talks come just two days before the scheduled runoff presidential vote in Zimbabwe, which only one candidate, Robert Mugabe, is contesting. The opposition contender, Morgan Tsvangirai, has withdrawn from the race because of violence against his supporters. Mugabe said his critics in Washington and London could shout as loud as they like, but that Friday's runoff will go ahead despite international pressure for the vote to be scrapped.

MARTINEZ: NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reporting. Barack Obama is joining the fight to pay off Hillary Clinton's campaign debt. He asked some of his top fundraisers to help pay at least 10 million dollars off her debt. The request comes two days before a meeting between the two. They plan to meet in Washington in a show of unity.

Utah Republican Chris Cannon lost his congressional House seat in a primary election Tuesday. He represented one of the nation's most conservative districts. The loss came despite a solid conservative voting record and an endorsement by President Bush. Here's more by Howard Berkes in Salt Lake City.

HOWARD BERKES: Utah congressman, Chris Cannon, had a 96-percent rating from the American Conservative Union, but he lost to a challenger who said Cannon wasn't conservative enough. Jason Chaffetz accused Cannon of being soft on immigration, and blamed the incumbent for what he called a failure to control federal spending.

Chaffetz was once chief of staff to Utah's Republican governor. He's called for the elimination of the federal Education Department. Cannon is a six-term incumbent who outspent Chaffetz nearly seven to one, but lost overwhelmingly in a low-turnout primary. The suburban district south of Salt Lake City is considered safely Republican for the November election, given its predominantly Republican demographics.

MARTINEZ: That's NPR's Howard Berkes reporting from Salt Lake City. And NBC plans to air the very first "Saturday Night Live" in memory of George Carlin. He hosted that first show in October 1975. The episode will air this Saturday Night in the "SNL" timeslot. Musical guests, Janice Ian and Billy Preston, with a special appearance by Andy Kaufman. That's the news for now. The news is online all the time at

WOLFF: This is NPR.


Is that the one where Andy Kaufman sings the Mighty Mouse?

MARTINEZ: I think so. I think that's it.

PESCA: It was one of the later ones. I have them all on DVD.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. It's brilliant.

PESCA: It's a good one. They did a lot of music back then. Some - like when Simon and Garfunkel hosted, that was like three quarters of the show.

MARTINEZ: It broke musical acts back then. They don't do it anymore.


MARTINEZ: They just ride the tide now.

PESCA: OK, ready for a 180?

MARTINEZ: Here we go.

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