Seeds Of Ethnic Cleansing Sprout In Europe Italy's anti-immigrant interior minister has launched a program to fingerprint its ethnic Roma Gypsy residents as a measure to crack down on street crime. Is this an indication that Europe is becoming more hostile toward immigrants?

Seeds Of Ethnic Cleansing Sprout In Europe

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A new plan in Italy would fingerprint every Roma Gypsy in the country. It's the first time the government has targeted an ethnic minority since the days of Mussolini. And across Europe, xenophobia seems to be moving from the far right to the mainstream.

NPR's senior Europe correspondent Sylvia Poggioli discusses anti-immigrant anxiety in Europe with Glyn Ford, labor member of the European Parliament and former chairman of the Parliament's Committee of Inquiry into the Rise of Racism and Fascism (1984-'86), and Jakob von Weizsacker, a research fellow at Bruegel in Brussels, Belgium.