Greg Truax: Grass-Roots Conservative Truax is co-chairman of McCain's campaign in Florida's Hillsborough County. He says it's an area worth watching because although there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, when it comes to local legislators and office holders, the GOP appears ascendant.
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Greg Truax: Grass-Roots Conservative

GOP Delegate Greg Traux
Photo courtesy of Greg Traux

Delegate: Greg Truax, 57

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

Occupation: Small business owner and Republican strategist

Why We're Watching: Truax is the consummate "grass- roots" organizer.

Greg Truax calls himself a "political strategist" rather than a "consultant," because he doesn't get paid for his campaign work.

Instead, the Tampa, Fla.-based Truax might be considered the consummate grass-roots organizer. He is personal friends with his governor, Republican Charlie Crist, and served as chairman of Crist's 2006 primary and general campaigns in Hillsborough County. Truax also spearheaded this January's property tax cut amendment effort in the Tampa Bay area for the governor.

Truax was neutral during Florida's 2008 GOP primary. But he was selected by the Florida GOP to serve as an "at-large" delegate for John McCain. Although he has attended other Republican conventions, this is Truax's first time as a voting delegate.

Truax currently is co-chairman of McCain's campaign in Hillsborough County, which means coordinating events for 11 different Republican clubs within the county. He says it's a county worth watching: Though there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, the GOP holds a majority among local legislators, county commissioners and constitutional officers.

Truax grew up in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the 1960s and '70s, when it was one of the few Republican strongholds in Florida. He became fascinated with politics while watching presidential conventions on television. He describes himself as a "small government, less taxes, less spending, more freedom" Republican.

And he says the best part about his political activity is the people.

Bobbie O'Brien reports from member station WUSF in Tampa, Fla.