Ombre Is The New Tie-Dye Once a cheap way to make colorful clothes, high-end designers have brought back tie-dye and even given it a new name.

Ombre Is The New Tie-Dye

Ombre Is The New Tie-Dye

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A model wears an ombre silk chiffon strapless ball gown by designer Bill Blass at New York Fashion Week. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews hide caption

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AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Tie-dye is back, but this time high-end designers are giving a new name: ombre. But this new, high end version of tie-dye is shocking to some in Youth Radio reporter Olivia Cueva's hometown of Berkeley, Calif.

Ombre also surprised the fashion world when it came down the runway at this year's New York fashion week. If you're buying ombre from high-end designers like Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs, it's pricey too. Most of the ombre clothes on the Nordstom Web site sell for at least $200 or – even small items like clutch bags and neck ties. The kind of accessories Cueva says, "wouldn't be worn by stoners, you dig?"