The NPR Audience Poll: Best Movies Of 2008 We've canvassed our reviewers and run the numbers at Metacritic. And now you've cast your votes: See the results in's first-ever Best Movies audience poll, where you picked the year's best flicks.

The NPR Audience Poll: Best Movies Of 2008

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The results are in:'s first-ever Best Movies audience poll drew 3,456 responsers. And because each voter could choose up to three favorites, the vote count totaled 7,341.

The clear winner: The Dark Knight, which drew 41 percent of those votes.

We've got more discussion of the results over at the Monkey See blog. You can see complete results below, in the polling widget.

Reminder: The 64 titles below were chosen from more than 575 films released in the U.S. this year. Click for details on how we narrowed the list.