Re-Figuring Familiar Phrases In the on-air puzzle for this week, every answer is a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase in which each half has exactly four letters. The middle two letters of the first word are the same as the middle two letters of the last. For example, "departed years ago" would be "Long Gone."

Re-Figuring Familiar Phrases

Re-Figuring Familiar Phrases

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Puzzle master Will Shortz quizzes one of our listeners, and has a challenge for everyone at home.

Challenge from April 22: Name a famous character in literature and legend, two words, five letters in the first name, four letters in the last. The second letter of the first name is "R." Move this "R" to the second position of the second word, say the result out loud and you'll name a vehicle. Who is the character and what is the vehicle?

Answer: The character is Friar Tuck and the vehicle is a fire truck.

Winner: Sally Ross from Eugene, Ore.

Challenge for April 29: Think of a six-letter plural word naming a certain category of foods. Change the first letter to a "C," then re-arrange the result to get an adjective that describes many of these foods. What is it?

This challenge comes from Steve Baggish of Littleton, Mass.