Midwest Artists Stop Creating | Academy Awards Pandemic Style A new survey reveals one impact the pandemic has had on Midwest artists. Plus, a look at the challenges and opportunities COVID-19 has provided the film industry.

Midwest Artists Stop Creating | Academy Awards Pandemic Style

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: An Artist Inc. survey revealed that nearly 60% of artists surveyed in the Midwest have experienced a decrease in their production.

COVID-19 has done more than take money out of the pockets of artists. It’s also robbed many of their creative output. We get a breakdown of the bigger picture provided by the survey and ask what financial relief has been available for those in the arts.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:27: It’s going to be a different kind of Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday with greater diversity than previous years.

The Film Critics say this year's awarding of the gold statuettes will be "one of the most exciting years in a really long time" as a number of bigger directors held off on releasing films opening the door for smaller films to find screen time. They join Steve Kraske in offering their picks for who will take home the Oscars.