Anti-Trans Legislation Nationwide | Worsening Allergy Seasons What the reasoning is behind the flood of anti-transgender bills being introduced in statehouses around the country and an explanation of why allergies seem to be getting more severe.

Anti-Trans Legislation Nationwide | Worsening Allergy Seasons

Segment 1 beginning at 1:00: 2021 is seeing a record amount of anti-transgender legislation introduced by state lawmakers across the country.

Kansas State Representative Stephanie Byers reasons that it is a confluence of factors including rallying behind partisan platforms and fear-mongering. Byers describes it as "a consistent, constant bullying attack on the LGBTQ community." Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed a bill in Kansas which would ban transgender athletes from competing in women's sports, while in Missouri a similar bill is alive in the House of Representatives.

Segment 2, beginning at 26:39: Why each allergy season seems to be worse than the one before.

According to Dr. Marissa Love "the pollen counts have been increasing over time," making symptoms more severe for seasonal allergies sufferers. Explanations for the increase range from more rainfall and warmer growing seasons to "super-pollen" which can be more resistant to environmental factors.