Revised COVID-19 Guidelines | Experiencing Mother's Day Kansas City's health director breaks down the changes in COVID-19 protocols and two women's perspectives on the experience of Mother's Day.

Revised COVID-19 Guidelines | Experiencing Mother's Day

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: Kansas City, Missouri has loosened its pandemic restrictions but some wonder if it might be too soon.

The city's health director says there is currently a surge of hospitalizations, particularly among young, unvaccinated people. Under the new guidelines, bars and restaurants no longer have restricted operating hours or are required to socially distance patrons. When it comes to indoor gatherings people five years of age and older will need to mask up if within six feet of each other. The only exception is if you and everyone else getting together all know everyone is vaccinated.

Segment 2, beginning at 29:04: One woman celebrates her mother's life through recreating a recipe and another reveals why she and others choose to be childfree.

Kansas Citian Natalie Torres Gallagher tells how she reclaimed the heritage of her mother by cooking her rice recipe. For other women, their decision to be childfree means no celebration is needed. Dr. Amy Blackstone explains the growing movement of women choosing to forgo motherhood.