American Families Plan | Olathe Documentary Series What's in President Biden's latest plan to help Americans and a documentary series details the intriguing history of Olathe, Kansas.

American Families Plan | Olathe Documentary Series

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: After introducing the American Rescue Plan then the American Jobs Plan, President Joe Biden has introduced another sweeping bill, the American Families Plan.

The president's newest initiative would pour a combined $1.8 trillion into various programs including universal pre-K, free community college, child care, and paid family and medical leave. We get more details of the bill and ask how difficult it will be to pass through Congress.

  • Heather Long, economics correspondent for The Washington Post

Segment 2, beginning at 27:13: Local filmmaker Greg Sheffer has spent years working on a string of films about his hometown.

The result is a series of films dedicated to telling the story of the county seat of Johnson County, Kansas. Sheffer takes us through some of the highlights from the filming and reveals why he took on the project.

  • Greg Sheffer, filmmaker, owner/CEO of Inversion