Young Filmmakers Make Litter Scary In the style of a 1950s horror film, Esteban Valencia, Eduardo Hernandez and Randi Levey, students from Miami Beach Senior High, created a cautionary tale about trashing the beach. The video, Garbage Monsters, got top honors in the Oceans 2030: Youth Outlook Multimedia Contest.
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Young Filmmakers Make Litter Scary

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Young Filmmakers Make Litter Scary

Young Filmmakers Make Litter Scary

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Joining us now is Flora Lichtman, our video multimedia editor. Welcome back this week in Washington. You had something special going on here this week.


FLATOW: A Video Pick of the Week.

LICHTMAN: It's a very special Video Pick of the Week this week.

FLATOW: Tell us about it.

LICHTMAN: I have to say, I'm a little worried about my job security because we did not make this one in the house. This was created by Esteban Valencia, Eduardo Hernandez and Randy Levy, and they are high school students at Miami Beach High. And their video is a horror movie about littering. And it is scary when you watch it. I was scared.

(Soundbite of laughter)

FLATOW: It's very short, but the point is very well made about what happens if pollution littering pollution. And what might happen to you.

LICHTMAN: Your trash may come back to haunt you...

FLATOW: And these...

LICHTMAN: the moral of this tale.

FLATOW: And these are high school kids?

LICHTMAN: They're high school kids. They put it together in a week.



FLATOW: Yeah. And it's got...

LICHTMAN: It's pretty amazing.

FLATOW: ...great production values. It's very well directed.

LICHTMAN: They came up with a concept. They had some help. It sounds like they did a summer workshop, one (unintelligible) workshop. But they came up with a concept, wrote, shot, directed the whole thing and then edited it. And they ended up taking top honors in one of the categories here at this conference for the youth multimedia contest. And so we talked with them as well. So you can see not only their video on our website, which is excellent, but also a little behind the scenes. We did a little beige carpet.

(Soundbite of laughter)

FLATOW: Yeah. It's not a red - because they couldn't afford a red carpet here.

LICHTMAN: No, but these kids are headed - I mean, first stop, SCIENCE FRIDAY next stop, "Entertainment Tonight."

FLATOW: There you go.

LICHTMAN: I think you're going to see them again. They're really exceptional.

FLATOW: And if you want to see their video, you go to our website at It's up there in the little box on the left. And it's actually our Video Pick of the Week, and is Flora's video pick. She actually picked it.

LICHTMAN: I picked this one.

FLATOW: Picked this one. And no cute critters in this one this time, but the piece itself is just fantastic.

LICHTMAN: And I would suggest checking out the other winners of this contest, too. I mean, really the submissions were great. And one thing that was interesting talking to these kids was that a lot of them are from places in the country where water is really important. I mean, there were many winners from South Florida, and it doesn't seem like a coincidence. There were people from the Pacific Northwest, where water is a big part of their lives. And these were ocean-themed videos. And it seemed right.

FLATOW: Yeah. And in fact, the kids could get interested in this kind of topic and do and make a video like that.

LICHTMAN: Yeah. They felt very strongly that, you know, they're taking over the world so they better...


LICHTMAN: ...get into it.

FLATOW: All right. If you want to see Flora's Video Pick of the Week, it's up on our website at, and it's sort of a science fiction, science-y one. It's beware of what might happen with your litter.

LICHTMAN: Yeah. And if you are a teen filmmaker, you know, I'd love to see your work.

FLATOW: Send it to us.

LICHTMAN: Let's pick - pick-of-the-week it.

FLATOW: Yeah. We'll feature it on, so send us your videos. We'd love to have them.

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