Cops Had Right to Tase You, Bro Greetings from Bryant Park, where everyone waits on line to ask politicians a question.
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Cops Had Right to Tase You, Bro

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Cops Had Right to Tase You, Bro

Cops Had Right to Tase You, Bro

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BILL WOLF (Announcer): From NPR News in New York, this is the BRYANT PARK PROJECT, with Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank.

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This is The Bryant Park Project from NPR News, your home for news, information and today, a little nuclear waste. Sorry about that. I'm Mike Pesca, in for Luke Burbank.


And I'm Alison Stewart.

It is Thursday, October 25th.

Mr. ANDREW MEYER (Student, University of Florida): Don't tase me, bro.

STEWART: Oh, remember that guy? Andrew Meyer?

PESCA: I know that guy.

STEWART: Yeah. He was tased at the University of Florida on September 17th, I believe it was, but…

PESCA: Great days in tase history.

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STEWART: But what's happened, Mike?

PESCA: Well, the authorities, the local Florida authorities investigated with the police did anything wrong, they were university police. And no, should have tased him.

STEWART: Not so much.

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PESCA: I don't know if the official report said the word bro, but I think it was implied. Good job, bro.

STEWART: You should tase him, bro.

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Mr. MEYER: Don't tase me, bro.

STEWART: And, you know, tase. He uses the correct form of it. Not taser…

PESCA: Right. Don't taser me, bro.

STEWART: Do you know why I know that?


STEWART: Because I download the Grammar Girl podcast every week.

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PESCA: Oh, that's awesome.

STEWART: They did an entire podcast about tased versus tasered and…

PESCA: Right. I wonder if the official report referred to the tasee?

STEWART: The taseling? I don't know…

PESCA: The tasee.

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PESCA: The bro, who was tased, the tasee…

STEWART: It's true the taser is actually…

PESCA: The taser, yes.

STEWART: …the now exonerated police officer, campus police officer. What's on the show, Mike?

PESCA: Well, today, we're going to be talking about the debates. This is number 847 in the series of debates. There's one going on…

STEWART: Feels like it.

PESCA: …in Iowa tonight. It's a mini debate, because only a couple of the Republican candidates are showing. And you know who else isn't showing up for these debates? The viewing public. Know why? I'll put forth my opinion: boring. We'll talk about that.

STEWART: Also coming up, we are going to talk about nuclear safety, what to do with all that nuclear waste. I almost said it like the president there. Hey. The people near Yucca Mountain aren't too happy that that might become the big, giant nuclear garbage can.

PESCA: Yeah. Between Yucca and nuclear, you said…

(Soundbite of laughter)

PESCA: Weird. Which one you've mispronounced (unintelligible)? NFL goes to U.K. This is the first time professional football has been played outside North America, second time anywhere but the U.S.A.

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