Jill Sobule's 'Ode to Super Tuesday' Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule is not your run-of-the-mill, pickin' and grinnin' pop singer. Her raspy, sweet voice is the perfect foil for delivering honest, memorable lyrics about everyday exchanges. She visits the studio today to perform a freshly penned tune for Super Tuesday.
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Jill Sobule's 'Ode to Super Tuesday'

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Jill Sobule's 'Ode to Super Tuesday'

Jill Sobule's 'Ode to Super Tuesday'

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I don't know (unintelligible) me.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Hey, as we close our show on this Super Duper Tuesday, you may be listening to us on your way to vote or maybe you're so excited about the election you're going to TiVo CNN's ballot bowl and watch it all night or maybe you're just sick of the whole horse race and the (unintelligible) metaphors and you want to get on with life, or maybe you're Jill Sobule, singer/songwriter extraordinaire who also doubles as the BRYANT PARK PROJECT's editorialist, and you're in studio and you wrote a song about - Jill, we get to see you and real life again.

Ms. JILL SOBULE (Singer/Songwriter): Yey.

STEWART: Everybody is excited you're here.

Ms. SOBULE: And I brought a special guest with me.

STEWART: Who did you bring?

MARTIN: Hey, there.

REEVE: Good morning.

MARTIN: Good morning.

Ms. SOBULE: Reeve(ph).

MARTIN: Hi, Reeve.

STEWART: Hi, Reeve.

REEVE: Welcome.

Ms. SOBULE: And…

STEWART: Are you here to do backing vocals, moral supports?

Ms. SOBULE: He's (unintelligible) on this.


MARTIN: All right.

Ms. SOBULE: Yeah.

MARTIN: All right. Well, before we start, without naming a candidate, how closely have you been following the primary season so far?

Ms. SOBULE: Oh, I have no life.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Ms. SOBULE: All I do is watch bad(ph) new shows and listen to bad talk radio…

MARTIN: See, that's (unintelligible) too.


MARTIN: And you write music in between, so you're better.

Ms. SOBULE: Well, yeah, but my music is (unintelligible), so this is what we've come up with.

MARTIN: All right. Well, let's hear the song and we'll discuss with the stuff…

Ms. SOBULE: And can we get Andy to (unintelligible) could ask the words?

(Soundbite of guitar)

Ms. SOBULE: Okay, you guys ready? Can you hear that guitar, okay?

STEWART: I think we do.

REEVE: (Unintelligible).

(Soundbite of song, "Ode to Super Tuesday")

Ms. SOBULE: Okay. (Singing) It's Super Tuesday, it's Super Tuesday. We're so excited. It's Super Tuesday.

REEVE: (Rapping) Well, we call it Super Tuesday and I don't doubt it, but this is all I really figured out about it. 30 zillion(ph) delegates and 20-something states, (unintelligible) candidates.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's super Tuesday. It's super Tuesday. It's T to the U to the E to the S to the D to the A and all the rest, that's Y.

REEVE: (Rapping) When super Wednesday comes around, they'll switch stuff up and will take stuff down and for all know the National Nose bleeders(ph) Association could reelect the Cabinet from its last administration.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's super Wednesday, not as exciting as super Tuesday. But we'll go over all the numbers and charts and listen to all those expert.

REEVE: (Rapping) Thursday is the day after the day after the super shindig and they'll still be discussing who did or didn't win big, but I suggest the rest of us take the whole freakin' day to figure the typeface on our resume.

Ms. SOBULE: Yeah, it's super Thursday. It's super Thursday. Was gonna finally do my laundry and I'll watch Lost.

REEVE: (Rapping) On Super Friday, an average-looking person has a dentist appointment at 3:00 for teeth cleaning. And by teeth cleaning, I mean teeth whitening. By dentist, I mean a tanning salon. By average-looking person, I mean, me. And by 3:00, by 3:00 on Friday, I hope to be just to be just a little less average today.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's super Friday. It's super Friday. Everyone's exhausted and that's why no one calls me to go out tonight, I hope.

REEVE: (Rapping) When the weekend comes around as the weekend will, maybe demons will climb out of our barbeque grills and a host of angels will descend from above, will all pelt the demons with some turtledoves and then I don't know maybe the angles will spread out into the night and they'll gobble up every devil demon in sight. They'll eat the cars and eat the bars and then they'll only eat guitars and we'll all be like, holy crap, that old Blondie song was right except instead of a man from Mars, it's angles.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's super weekend. It's super weekend. What did you do this weekend? I had some really strange apocalyptic dream.

REEVE: (Rapping) Monday won't be super. It's a whole new week and we wanna hear it (unintelligible) 'cause we're not exactly (unintelligible), but we won't have our super duper powers anymore so we're back to being decent, like we usually were before.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's regular Monday. It's a normal Monday. Back to all our hopes and dreams and fears. And on super Monday, a garden variety Monday. If you wanna be superbly, you gotta wait four more years.

REEVE: (Singing): Four more years.

Ms. SOBULE: Super Tuesday.

(Soundbite of cheers and applause)

STEWART: Ladies and gentlemen, Jill Sobule and Reeve(ph) in with a special song about Super Tuesday. So what inspired you to sit down and write? What was your - did that just come flowing out of you, Jill, or have you been holding that back?

Ms. SOBULE: Well, I have to give, give a lot to Reeve because it was kind of a last minute and nothing came up with me so we were just - he got the ball…

REEVE: Actually, the inspiration was an e-mail. We were already working on something else and then the e-mail came through on the old iPhone, and then I think you said, do you have a Super Tuesday song? And Jill said, yeah.

Ms. SOBULE: Yeah.

(Soundbite of laughter)

REEVE: Like totally. (Unintelligible) Tuesday.

STEWART: Why we love Jill Sobule.

Ms. SOBULE: (Unintelligible) but let me talk about what Andy would say, the reverb and the compression on the third verse.

REEVE: It's like the Jill Sobule of old have influenced the new Jill Sobule.

Ms. SOBULE: There you go.

STEWART: You know what I like about that? Is that it wraps up our entire existence. The media for the next week, this all we think about, you know…

Ms. SOBULE: Yup.

STEWART: …and it is super Wednesday, Thursday. We have new things to say or we think they're new every single day and then we get back to Monday and it's like, oh yeah, back to the regular life.

Ms. SOBULE: And when I said that, I finally will watch something other than going back and forth to all the different channels.

STEWART: It's so true. It is so true. Hey, but I want to - do we have a minute to talk about your new record?

Ms. SOBULE: Well, yes.

STEWART: We have one. We have a minute. I think it's amazing. You're having a - you're working on a fan-funded record.

Ms. SOBULE: I am, so what I'm doing is jillsnextrecord.com and instead of the labels, I'm asking fans and empathetic friends to give me money.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Ms. SOBULE: But in exchange for some wonderful gifts and services, like…

STEWART: You are a politician. It's almost like campaign.

Ms. SOBULE: Yes, totally. But let me ask you…

REEVE: But there's no limit though, that's the good thing.

Ms. SOBULE: How would you like to have your own theme song?

STEWART: I would love that. Every time our…

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) Alison. Oh, super Alison.

Ms. SOBULE: Or you can…

REEVE: That's 50 bucks, by the way.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Ms. SOBULE: …play on my record, you can have a house concert…

STEWART: Wait, I'm totally (unintelligible) with this.

Ms. SOBULE: You can executive produce my record or well, get a t-shirt that says it.

STEWART: It says I'm an EP.

Ms. SOBULE: Jillsnextrecord.com and we're getting really good…

STEWART: You have some money in that.

Ms. SOBULE: I've got some…

STEWART: Are you afraid of what it's going to turn out? Like thousands of dollars so far.

Ms. SOBULE: Well, I'm going to Atlantic City.

(Soundbite of music)

Ms. SOBULE: No, it's really exciting because people feel a part of it and then, you know, I'm just having fun with it. It's so much more fun than - and taking control.

STEWART: I like that, jillsnextrecord.com. Jill Sobule and Reeve, thank you so much for coming in for our Super Tuesday song, which of course we're going to post the video on our Web site. We got it going already.

Ms. SOBULE: (Unintelligible).

STEWART: If you're in the New York area, Jill is playing at Joe's Pub on Thursday night at 7:00. I feel a BPP field trip. Jill, thanks a lot.

Ms. SOBULE: Thank you guys so much.

STEWART: Always a pleasure to have you. Always fun.

Hey, that's it for the show today.

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