Panel Round One Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: Bieber On Board.
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Panel Round One

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Panel Round One


We want to remind everyone they can join us here most weeks at the Chase Bank Auditorium. For tickets and more information, go to, or you can find a link at our website, Right now, panel, time for you to answer some questions about this week's news.

Roxanne, pop sensation Justin Bieber was recently in China. And like any other tourist, he visited the Great Wall. But unlike any other tourist we've heard of, he needed his bodyguards to do what?

ROXANNE ROBERTS: To carry him to the Great Wall.

SAGAL: Yes, indeed.



SAGAL: No one is sure if young Master Justin was simply too tired to walk all the way up the Great Wall or he just needed a special boost to see over the edge. Here you go, Justin.


SAGAL: Either way, having his bodyguards carry him seem fitting for an artist whose biggest hit was a song called "Baby." It was kind of cute. The bodyguard carried him in a special carrier called a Bieber Bjorn.


SAGAL: And that's an improvement over how they used to do it when he was a little bit younger, that's when the bodyguard used to just pick him up with his teeth by the scruff of his neck. It was very cute.


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