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Fridays on MORNING EDITION, we bring you excerpts from the StoryCorps oral history project.

Ms. KIM SCHUMER: My name is Kim. I'm 18 years old. And my sister Amy is interviewing me.

Ms. AMY SCHUMER: And I'm 22 years old.

MONTAGNE: Amy and Kim Schumer recorded this conversation in a StoryCorps sound booth in New York.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: What is your memory of the most afraid you've ever been?

Ms. K. SCHUMER: Probably when I went to the hospital for the first time.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: And why were you there?

Ms. K. SCHUMER: At that point, I was actively cutting myself, self-mutilation.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: You have an anniversary...

Ms. K. SCHUMER: Yeah.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: ...every month.

Ms. K. SCHUMER: Next month on the 22nd, it'll be three years since I've cut myself. It is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do, and it continues to be the hardest thing that I do do. It wasn't until the first time I tried to stop that I realized how addicted to it I was. I would be in the shower, and I would get an urge to do it, and where I would be like, `OK, I'm not going to do it,' I would get sick, and I would throw up, and my arm would start tingling, and I would go through physical withdrawal from it. I've been real close to committing suicide two times in my life. Both times, the only reason at the time when I was really going to that I didn't is because of you and is because of Mom, and I could never, ever do that to either of you because no matter how bad things get with me, I love you.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: Who is your best friend?

Ms. K. SCHUMER: You.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: Soul mate.

Ms. K. SCHUMER: You.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: Idol.

Ms. K. SCHUMER: You.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: How would you describe our relationship?

Ms. K. SCHUMER: Our relationship is beyond words. It's like `I love my sister, we share clothes'--like, no. We share our souls. Anything can go wrong in my life, and I'll be 100 percent fine if I know that you're there.

Ms. A. SCHUMER: Me, too. Me, too. Me, too. I love you.

Ms. K. SCHUMER: I love you so much.

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