Photo Walls: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch Alex Chadwick introduces Jennifer and Mal Sharpe, a father-daughter radio team who've been documenting what they call "photo walls" -- pictorial histories that many small businesses collect and display.
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Photo Walls: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch

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Photo Walls: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch

Photo Walls: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch

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This is DAY TO DAY. I'm Alex Chadwick.

And we are beginning a new radio series today. It's called Photo Walls by a father-daughter radio team. Jennifer Sharpe is here in the studio with me.

Jennifer, hello.


CHADWICK: And her dad, Mal Sharpe, is hooked up with us from San Francisco. Mal, you are an old hand at radio, especially public radio.

Mr. MAL SHARPE: Yeah. I've been doing a lot of man-on-the-street interviews for years, but I don't feel that old, Alex.

CHADWICK: And, you know, you don't sound it, either.


CHADWICK: Jennifer, you're a photographer and graphic designer and you have radio experience, too.

Ms. SHARPE: Well, does pirate radio count?

CHADWICK: Yeah, you bet. Sure. You don't have an eye patch, though. All right, you're qualified. Let's begin. What are photo walls, Jennifer?

Ms. SHARPE: They're those clusters of black-and-white framed photos that you see when you walk into sort of older businesses that show the clientele and the history and the great moments of the business.


Mr. SHARPE: Yeah. Well, that's what they are. They're walls of photos, so we haven't complicated things, Alex. It's just a simple photo wall.

CHADWICK: Where are you beginning? What's your first place?

Mr. SHARPE: Well, the first one's in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, not far from you. It's called Aunt (pronounced ant)--or Aunt (pronounced ahnt) Kizzy's.

Ms. SHARPE: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch.

Mr. SHARPE: There is a back porch in the restaurant, too.

CHADWICK: What do they serve?

Ms. SHARPE: Well, it's a soul food restaurant.

CHADWICK: OK. Jennifer and Mal Sharpe, piece number one, take it away.

Mr. SHARPE: All right. Well, we're walking in the door here.

How are you doing?

HUNIA(ph): Hello.

Mr. SHARPE: Who are you?

HUNIA: My name is Hunia, but please call me Nia, like papaya. It's easier to remember.

Mr. SHARPE: So, Nia, what do you do here in Aunt Kizzy's?

HUNIA: I welcome people to the restaurant. I get people seated at their tables.

Mr. SHARPE: You show everyone the photo wall.

HUNIA: I do that, too.

Ms. SHARPE: Do you mind if I take some pictures during the interview?

HUNIA: I would be absolutely thrilled if you took pictures.

(Soundbite of camera shutter)

Mr. SHARPE: What was the first picture in here?

HUNIA: Oh, the very first picture, oh, was that of Hal Williams, the actor from "Room 222." Hal Williams.

Mr. SHARPE: He has nice teeth.

(Soundbite of camera shutter)

Ms. SHARPE: Who's this guy? This looks like Wonder Woman.

HUNIA: His name is Sun-Man, S-U-N-M-A-N.

Mr. SHARPE: Describe him. Describe him.

HUNIA: Sun-Man--he's actually wearing gold wings.

Mr. SHARPE: Yeah, big, big, like butterfly wings. Right, Jennifer?

Ms. SHARPE: What's his superpower? He looks like he should have a superpower. What is it?

HUNIA: Well, the energy of the sun. I mean, evidently he's closely connected to it.

Ms. SHARPE: An ambiguous superhero on the walls of Aunt Kizzy's.

Mr. SHARPE: Oh, now here's someone over here I want to find out about. See that woman over there, that photo? She looks like she has an attitude. LaWanda Page.

HUNIA: Oh, the great comedian.

Mr. SHARPE: How would you describe that look in her eye there?

HUNIA: `Oh, I'll get you, sucker.' Isn't that what she used to say? I'm not sure but I think--oh, she wrote, `Send me one of those platters, sucker.'

(Soundbite of laughter; camera shutter)

Mr. SHARPE: How many pictures are up on the wall?

HUNIA: At least 500.

Mr. SHARPE: Mm-hmm.

HUNIA: When they say a picture's worth a thousand words, with my math--I'm not the math student--but is that 50,000.

Ms. SHARPE: I think that's 500,000 words.

Mr. SHARPE: What's that?

Ms. SHARPE: I think that's 500,000.

Mr. SHARPE: You said 50,000 words.

HUNIA: See, I'm glad Jennifer knew the right answer.

Mr. SHARPE: Now what is this photo over here? You're pointing to this one over here.

HUNIA: Yes, this picture with Janet Jackson and she's kind of leaning...

Mr. SHARPE: What does Janet Jackson eat?

HUNIA: She eats the catfish, she eats the greens and I believe I've seen her have some peach cobbler.

Mr. SHARPE: Mm-hmm.

HUNIA: Now I'm going to show you another picture. I'm glad we came up here, Hal and Jennifer.

Mr. SHARPE: Yeah. Mal. Yeah.

HUNIA: There's a picture that I want to show you, the lady in the orange, that is Ms. Joyce White(ph). She is the doll lady. And she...

Ms. SHARPE: Isn't that doll in the bathroom?

HUNIA: Yes, that is one of the dolls that she made and actually sets up on Sundays and sells those dolls here at the restaurant.

Mr. SHARPE: It's nice that you don't have to be a celebrity to get your picture up here.

HUNIA: This is true.

Mr. SHARPE: I mean, especially in Los Angeles, you know, which is so celebrity crazed.

(Soundbite of camera shutter)

Mr. SHARPE: Here's a band over here and I just love the name of that band. You want to just say it?

HUNIA: Oh, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack.

Mr. SHARPE: Yeah.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. SHARPE: Well, it's not too reassuring to mention the word `heart attack' in a restaurant that has a lot of deep-fried foods.

HUNIA: Well, as I said, we have a vegetarian platter. What did you have to eat? Let me find out?

Mr. SHARPE: We had--the guy talked us into--What was it?

Ms. SHARPE: We had the ox tail.

Mr. SHARPE: Yeah.

HUNIA: Oh, that's one of our most gourmet dishes.

Mr. SHARPE: You know what's great about these photo walls, Jennifer? They're like archaeology. If this was the only artifact of our civilization in a million years, it would be enough, your photo wall.

HUNIA: Well, now that Jennifer has taught me with 500 pictures, we have 500,000 words, I would have to agree to that. OK?

(Soundbite of laughter; restaurant noise)

CHADWICK: Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch hostess Nia, like papaya.

Jennifer and Mal Sharpe, where is the next photo wall we're going to?

Mr. SHARPE: Well, it's in a bowling alley out in the high desert in a place called Pioneer Town. Jennifer found it.

Ms. SHARPE: Yeah, it actually was built as a set where they shot a lot of Westerns. And Roy Rogers had the bowling alley built so that he'd have something to do up there.

CHADWICK: Pioneer Town, our next stop on the Photo Wall series. Till then, Jennifer and Mal Sharpe, thank you.

Ms. SHARPE: Thank you.

Mr. SHARPE: Thank you.

CHADWICK: And, of course, you can see pictures of the photo wall at Aunt Kizzy's. They are at our Web site,

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