NY Fashion Week: Wrap Up with Kimonos and Belts Fashion writer Najwa Moses emerges from New York's Fashion Week with the latest styles: double bouffants, kimono-style jackets and waist-length shoulder bags.
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NY Fashion Week: Wrap Up with Kimonos and Belts

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NY Fashion Week: Wrap Up with Kimonos and Belts


In New York this week, fashion designers showed off their spring collections, and fashion fans have been cheering. Writer Najwa Moses was there and she offers her picks of the hottest new accessories.

NAJWA MOSES: I kicked off my Fashion Week in Harlem, right off Fifth Avenue overlooking a peaceful Central Park. Around the corner you could hear blasts of Reggaeton and kids playing basketball in the street. This was Essence magazine's Black Style Now Gala hosted by the Diddy. This event told the story of hip-hop fashion through the past 20 years.

The museum exhibited legendary hip-hop accessories, from the Kangol, made famous by LL Cool J in the ‘80s, to the blinged-out Kimora Lee Simmons' Hello Kitty pendant.

Downtown in Chelsea, I caught up with Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff, whose models were accessorized in laceless, sparklingly white Keds, with two-toned bouffant hairstyles, mixing a retro style and modern kicks. Other noteworthy accessories included stuffed animal wristbands, bite-sized silk messenger bags, funky colored leggings and floor-length kimono jackets.

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MOSES: Over at Mixed Greens Gallery, I entered the fairytale world of designer Elisa Jimenez, where dancers tangoed, jumped, and pranced down the swirly runway. This collection not only included models with actual curves, but biodegradable pieces done in all white.

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MOSES: In Midtown, at the DC LAB Show, I was pleasantly surprised at the combination of clean, fun pieces such as shorts with cropped jackets mixed with gold, silver and white elements, like strappy sandals, wide belts that sat on the hips - not the waist - and chic hair buns wrapped in ribbons and silver bells.

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MOSES: For those of you who still wear watches - instead of looking at your cell phones - there was TAG Heuer Show. The watches were predictable, with diamond chips, gator skin and basic designs done in silver, gold, and platinum. The most interesting accessories were the celebs strolling on the white carpet. The stars ranged from racecar driver Jeff Gordon to rapper E, to the stunning Uma Thurman.

For the rest of us who are not movie stars, strutting down red, black and white carpets, grapping up goodie bags, check out these must-haves for the spring: both over-the-top and subtle hairstyles, such as a two foot high bouffant or a simple bun wrapped in yarn; basic '80s and '90s items like Keds and the Kangol; bright belts that sit high or low on the waist; a waist-length shoulder bag, or a simple scarf.

But in the meantime, enjoy the fall. Any style-holic will tell you, it's the best season for individual style.

CHADWICK: Fashion writer Najwa Moses. For photos of the New York Fashion Week trinkets and trends that caught Najwa's eye, you can go to our Web site, npr.org.

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