Extreme Makeover: Spider Edition Lights, Camera and Action! Join Mindy and Guy Raz as they go behind the scenes on the hottest new matchmaking show in the animal kingdom; "Date or Bait!" Follow along as they learn all about the carnivorous habits of the female Jumping Spider and the flashy ways these bachelor male spiders try to keep themselves from ending up on the menu! It's Date or Bait: proudly brought to you by Wow in the World!
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Extreme Makeover: Spider Edition

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Extreme Makeover: Spider Edition

Extreme Makeover: Spider Edition

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Hey, Wowzers. Before we start this brand-new episode of WOW IN THE WORLD, I've got a couple of quick announcements to make. Number one, this Saturday, December 8, I'm bringing the Wow in the World Pop Up Party and the Pop Ups to the Keswick Theatre just outside of Philly. There are still a few tickets left. So to snag yours before they sell out, visit tinkercast.com/events.

Number two, If you're looking to give the gift of listening, laughing and looking up this holiday season, we hope that you'll consider a membership to the World Organization of Wowzers - autographed pictures, original T-shirts, weekly activities for each episode and more. Plus, you'll be helping to power the Wow. And in addition to that, we've just added a bunch of new items to our Wow shop - new T-Shirt designs, lunch boxes, a tiny box of Wow science. For more on all of this, visit wowintheworld.com.

Finally, I just want to thank each and every one of you who wowed our world by entering our Inventoritos Adventure Tool Kit Contest. Your ideas and prototypes were positively bonkerballs. And we loved each and every one of them. Coming up at the end of this episode, we've got a quick chat with the winning inventorito, Mina (ph). Stick around to hear more about her invention. That's it. Now let's get on with this brand-new episode of WOW IN THE WORLD.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: Stay seated. Three, two, one, ignition.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: Get ready for an adventure of magnificent proportion.

THE POP UPS: (Singing) I don't know what you've been told, but we're in a golden age - so many discoveries that are jumping off the page. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #3: With Guy and Mindy.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: We're on our way, Houston.

THOMAS: Come on.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) Hey, you tuned into Bongo and the Big Toot...

THOMAS: Got you.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) ...In the morning on 97.3 The Wobble, wobbling your way through the work week.

THOMAS: Oh, good. We didn't miss it. Hey, Reg, we didn't miss it.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) If you're tuning in right now, you're probably getting ready for our big giveaway.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Woo boy. We received thousands of entries over the last couple weeks. Tell them what's up for grabs, Bongo.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) Well, Toot, one of our lucky listeners will win a spot for themselves and two of their closest friends to go behind the scenes on the hottest show on TV...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Which is...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) ...Date or Bait, the matchmaking show that pairs up two single spiders who are looking to find their one true love.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Whoa ho.

THOMAS: (Gasping) I love that show.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Part matchmaking show, part dance-off, part makeover spectacular. What's not to love?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) Probably the fact that all the contestants are spiders.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Oh, yeah.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) OK, listeners, I've got all of our entries right here in this giant fish bowl. Toot, why don't you go ahead and grab that fishing rod right there...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) You got it, Bongo.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) ...And cast it in.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Woo. OK, I think I got one. Drum roll, please.


THOMAS: Please be me. Please be me. Please say my name. Please say my name.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) And the winner is...

THOMAS: Please say my name.


THOMAS: (Gasping).

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Wait, really? That's it? Just the name Mindy?

THOMAS: I won.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) It just says Mindy? There's no address or...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #2: (As Toot) Yeah. It just says Mindy.

THOMAS: Reg, I won. Reg?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Bongo) Super weird. Hey, Alex, can we follow up on this Mindy character? Yeah, no, there's no address, just a name. It's just a name.

THOMAS: Winner, winner, mayonnaise for dinner. Hey, Reg.


THOMAS: Man, he missed the whole thing.


THOMAS: Guess what?






THOMAS: Not even close.


THOMAS: OK, OK, I'll tell you. So you know those thousands of letters that you helped me mail to Wobble FM?


THOMAS: Yeah, for that spider matchmaking show? Well, I won.


THOMAS: I know. I'm so excited. So got any plans for tonight?


THOMAS: Sausage-making class? All right. We'll have you back here by 7.


THOMAS: OK. So let me just grab my things here - wallet, keys, magnifying goggles.


THOMAS: What? Spiders are really small.


THOMAS: And a banana-flavored cake. You can never have too much potassium.


THOMAS: OK, Reg, you ready to kick it?


THOMAS: Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. Open the door, closing the door, locking the door. Key code - one, one, one, one, one, one, one, two.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #3: (As Dennis) Hey, Mindy. You know, you should really consider using a variety of numbers, like maybe a three...

THOMAS: (Groaning) Hi, Dennis.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #3: (As Dennis) ...Five or nine. Oh, a seven - that would be a great number. Well, now what are you doing?

THOMAS: Well, I just won tickets to go behind the scenes of the television smash sensation Date or Bait. So I...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #3: (As Dennis) Oh, cool. Reality TV. Super retro.

THOMAS: (Groaning).

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #3: (As Dennis) You know, Mindy, you should really watch something more substantial. They say it's the golden age of television after all.

THOMAS: OK, sure. Thanks, Dennis. Bye.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #3: (As Dennis) There's this new docu-series on HBShow (ph) about candle making. It's fantastic.

THOMAS: Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. (Gasping) Guy Raz.


Oh, hey, Mindy.

THOMAS: What are you doing out here in your yard?

RAZ: Well, it's a Tuesday morning, Mindy, so I'm tending to my tulips. Isn't that right, little tulip?

THOMAS: Oh, yeah, Tulip Tuesdays. How could I forget?


RAZ: Hey, where are you and Reggie off to?

THOMAS: Oh, super exciting news. Are you ready for it?

RAZ: As I'll ever be.

THOMAS: OK. I just won a behind-the-scenes tour of - wait for it.

RAZ: I'm waiting.

THOMAS: Wait for it.

RAZ: I'm waiting.

THOMAS: Wait for it.

RAZ: (Yelling) I'm waiting.

THOMAS: Date or Bait.

RAZ: Date or Bait.

THOMAS: I can't get a good read on your inflection. Have you heard of it?

RAZ: Ever heard of it? Mindy, it's my favorite show.

THOMAS: Wait. Really? Because I always took you as more of a historical documentary miniseries on the history of kale kind of guy - Raz.

RAZ: Well, yeah, that is true. While Kale to the Chief is one of my favorite TV shows...

THOMAS: Yeah, until the network execs kaled it.

RAZ: ...I love Date or Bait. It's actually a really scientifically fascinating show. In fact, check it out. I have one of their shirts on right now. I use it for gardening.

THOMAS: Wait, what does that T-shirt say? Eentsy weentsy spider loves to strut and pout? Date or Bait? Hey, Guy Raz, do you want to come with us?

RAZ: Can I do that?

THOMAS: Guy Raz, you can do anything you put your mind to, except for sneeze with your eyes open and tickle yourself. Yes, of course you can come. Bongo and the Big Toot said I could bring two buddies.

RAZ: Bongo and who?

THOMAS: The Big Toot.


THOMAS: From the radio?

RAZ: Oh, right. Well, I'd love to come, Mindy. Let me just change into something a little more appropriate for the occasion.

THOMAS: Wait. You're going to do that right here? Whoa.


THOMAS: Were you wearing that suit under your gardening clothes this whole time?

RAZ: Of course I was. You never know when you're going to have to make a quick change.

THOMAS: Hey, that's what Grandma G-Force always says, except she always wears her wrestling leotard under her clothes, which are also wrestling leotards. Anywho, we should probably get going. The radio station didn't mention any time or place or even where we're supposed to be meeting. But I figured we could just ask your Zoodle (ph) where they shoot the show and then just go there.

RAZ: Oh, sure, I just upgraded her firmware. She now interrupts you to finish your question.

THOMAS: Wow. That sounds really...

RAZ: Annoying? Yeah, I know. But it also makes my requests 22 percent more efficient.

THOMAS: Uh-huh.

RAZ: Hey, Zoodle, where do they shoot Date or...

COMPUTER-GENERATED VOICE: Dater. A person who goes out on dates, typically on a regular basis.

THOMAS: Oh, boy.

RAZ: No, Zoodle, where do they shoot...

COMPUTER-GENERATED VOICE: Shoot. To kick, hit or throw a ball in an attempt to score a goal in a sporting match.

RAZ: No, Zoodle, where do they...

THOMAS: It's Hollywood.

RAZ: What?

THOMAS: I just looked it up on my phone.

RAZ: Mindy, I really don't think you're taking advantage of...

COMPUTER-GENERATED VOICE: The HMS Advantage was an Old World (ph) wooden ship built in 1590 by the Royal Navy...

THOMAS: OK. You ready to go?

RAZ: You bet you.

THOMAS: All right. Let me just climb up here.

RAZ: Hey, hey, Mindy, can you give me a hand?

THOMAS: Yep. Hold on tight, little buddy, and I'll pull you up.

RAZ: OK. Hold on tight, Guy Raz. And, Reg, set a course for Hollywood, Californ-I-A 'cause...



THOMAS: Ooh, Guy Raz, look down there. There it is, the TV studio. Hey, Reg, I think now is a good time to land.


RAZ: Whoa. Look at this place, Mindy.

THOMAS: I know. A real-life TV set. Lights, camera. A craft services table? Snacks? Don't mind if I do.

RAZ: Whoa, wait for me, Mindy.

THOMAS: Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run. (Gasping) Tropical ranch-flavored exploding ants? Yes.

RAZ: Mindy, I think that food's for the actors and crew.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Can I help you?

THOMAS: Yes. I'm a winner.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Cool.

THOMAS: I'm sorry. What I meant to say was I am the winner for the Date or Bait behind-the-scenes tour.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Oh, you must be Mindy.

THOMAS: That's me.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Well, I'm so glad you made it. The show's about to start. Follow me.

THOMAS: Talk about perfect timing.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Actually, Perfect Timing is filming on the other lot. Sorry.

THOMAS: Oh, no, I was just saying...



UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) OK. Here are your guest passes. Are the tweed suit and the pigeon with you?


RAZ: Hey, I'm more than just a pretty tweed suit. I'm a...

THOMAS: Oh, yes, yes, they are.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) Great. If you just want to put these around your neck, you should be good to go.

THOMAS: Oh, well, ooh-la-la, mine is shiny.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #4: (As character) The stage is right through there. I'll leave you to it. Enjoy the show.

THOMAS: Thank you.

RAZ: Thanks.


RAZ: Hey, Mindy, I can't believe we're actually here.

THOMAS: I know. I'm so excited, I could throw up. In fact, (gagging). It went away.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #5: (As character) Everyone please find your seats. We are about to begin the show.

RAZ: Come on, Mindy. I think I spot some seats right there. You too, Reg.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #6: (As character) Roll sound.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Hello, and welcome back to the hottest show on TV. It's...


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) This week, as with every week, our goal is to help these spiders find their one true love.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Now, by round of applause, how many of you have seen this show before?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) So you know what to do, ladies and gentlemen. Let's keep that round of applause going for our first bachelorette for this evening. Say hello to Charlotte. She's a jumping spider from North America. Her favorite food is blow flies. And when she's not devouring her prey, you can find her chilling in temperate rainforests, scrublands and mountainous regions. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Charlotte.


RAZ: I think she's going to win.

THOMAS: Guy Raz, you haven't even met the other contestants yet.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) And now for our first bachelor. Also a jumping spider from the Habronattus pyrrithrix species, this itsy bitsy spider says his best feature is his bright-red face. And his biggest fear is being eaten by a female jumping spider. Well...


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) ...Good luck with that, buddy. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Aragog.


THOMAS: Doesn't want to be eaten by a female spider? What is he talking about, Guy Raz?

RAZ: That's, like, The main point of the show, Mindy. I thought you said you watch this all the time.

THOMAS: OK. So I've only seen one episode, and I was fixing the Wow Machine while I was watching it. So I really have no idea what this show is about.

RAZ: Well, lucky for you, you've got the world's biggest Date or Bait fan sitting right next to you.

THOMAS: Reggie?


THOMAS: No way.

RAZ: No, Mindy, I'm talking about me.

THOMAS: Oh, yeah. Right. So what's the deal with not wanting to be eaten?

RAZ: Well, that's one of the things about jumping spiders. The females of the species are cannibalistic.

THOMAS: Cannibalistic. You mean they eat their own species?

RAZ: That's right. If the male jumping spider is unable to impress the female jumping spider during its mating dance, well then...


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Unlucky, Aragog.

THOMAS: Yikes.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Looks like you were not Charlotte's one true love.

THOMAS: I guess that's why they call it Date or Bait.

RAZ: Exactamundo (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) OK, ladies and gentlemen, let's bring out our second bachelor.

THOMAS: OK, so give me the lowdown on how the rest of this show works.

RAZ: OK, so each bachelor - or male spider - is brought out to dance for the female spider.

THOMAS: Dance?

RAZ: That's right. Check it out.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) OK, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like our bachelor has opted for the inflatable tube man dance move here.

THOMAS: Whoa, look at him go. He's got his two little front legs waving above his head, all wriggling around all over the place. It kind of looks like you when you dance, Guy Raz.


RAZ: Mindy, Mindy, check it out. I call this one the dizzy giraffe.

THOMAS: Yeah. Yeah, I see that. You look like a dizzy giraffe. Woo. Woo. Oh, boy.


THOMAS: So these spiders do this dance to impress the female spider. And then what?

RAZ: Well, the next part of the show is actually taken from a study that was conducted by researchers at the University of Florida.


RAZ: Have you noticed, Mindy, that all of these male jumping spiders have bright-red faces?

THOMAS: Oh, yeah. They do.

RAZ: Well, it turns out this is actually a way for these male jumping spiders to attract females.

THOMAS: Whoa. And did these scientists figure out if it works?

RAZ: So the scientists wanted to find out how big of a role this played in the whole mating ritual.

THOMAS: You mean they wanted to see whether the female spiders were all ooh-la-la over their sweet moves, or their little, red tomato faces.

RAZ: Exactly. So as part of this study, these researchers painted these spiders' faces with black eyeliner. So they went from having red faces to just being black all over. And they wanted to see if the females would still be interested in how they danced.

THOMAS: And what did they find?

RAZ: Well, that's the next part of this TV show, Mindy.

THOMAS: Oh, right, the makeover part of the show.

RAZ: Exactly. Look. Here comes our bachelor.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Well, ladies and gentleman, looks like he survived - I mean passed our first round of love.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) And now we're onto our second round. Our bachelor has just spent the last 20 minutes in the makeup chair and is ready to come out. Are you ready, folks?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) OK, ladies and gentlemen, let's see if our Charlotte can't learn to love this itsy bitsy spider even without his stunning red face.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) That is unlucky, pal.

THOMAS: Yikes.

RAZ: So, Mindy, the study found that the female spiders were more likely to attack any males that had their faces covered in black eyeliner, compared to those with their normal red faces.

THOMAS: Huh. But could this have anything to do with red being a sort of don't-eat-me kind of color?

RAZ: Huh. What do you mean, Mindy?

THOMAS: Well, in nature, there are a couple of ways to not get eaten by predators. And one of them is to use camouflage.

RAZ: Like a caterpillar that's the same color as the leaf it lives on.

THOMAS: Yeah. So you can either try to blend in with your environment using camouflage. Or you could go in the complete opposite direction and try to stand out.

RAZ: Stand out? Like, with bright colors?

THOMAS: Exactoritos. So it's something called aposematism or warning colors. And some animals will have these super-bright colors all over them that warn other animals that, hey, I might be poisonous. So don't even try me.

RAZ: Wow. That makes total sense, then, why the jumping spiders with the colored-in faces are attacked more than those with the bright-red faces.

THOMAS: That's what I think. I mean, it's half, hey, check out my cool, red face and half, hey, don't eat me, or I might poison you to death.

RAZ: Man, this show has so many nuances to it.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) All right, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to see your last victim - I mean bachelor for tonight?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) From the jumping spider species Maevia inclemens, please welcome to the stage Shelob.


THOMAS: What in the wow?

RAZ: Whoa.

THOMAS: Guy Raz, what does that spider have on its head?

RAZ: I think that this is from the last part of the study, Mindy.

THOMAS: Did the study have the spiders wear big, old wigs on their heads to impress the lady spiders, too?

RAZ: Well, yeah, kind of.


RAZ: Well, Mindy, if you look a little closer, you'll notice that this jumping spider has a brown, hairy face, right?

THOMAS: Yeah, hard to miss.

RAZ: That's because he's a member of a different species of jumping spider. And this species - instead of having bright-red faces to attract females, well, they have tall hairs on the top of their heads.

THOMAS: And that's what that funny-looking wig is?

RAZ: Oh, no. Remember? This is the makeover round. What this spider has stuck to its head - well, they're fake eyelashes.

THOMAS: Hold the phone, Guy Raz. You're telling me that that spider is wearing fake eyelashes on his head?

RAZ: Correctamundo (ph).

THOMAS: What possible reason could those researchers from the University of Florida have to attach fake eyelashes to the heads of jumping spiders?

RAZ: Well, in the same way that they wanted to see how red faces affected the spider's chances of mating with the female spider. They also wanted to test how the height of these head hairs affected the spider's chances of not getting eaten. And they found that the taller the hairs, the better the odds.

THOMAS: So this guy's probably in luck, then.

RAZ: With a wig that tall, I'd say so, Mindy.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like love has triumphed once again here at Date or Bait.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: (As character) Be sure to join us here next week, folks, as we try to rekindle the flames between two lovestruck Black Widow spiders.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #7: And until next time...

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE #2: Creep it real.


THOMAS: I love a happy ending.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILD #1: WOW IN THE WORLD will be right back. Grown-ups, this message is for you.

That's it. Back to the show.


THE POP UPS: (Singing) Wow in the world.


THOMAS: Hi. Thanks for calling WOW IN THE WORLD. After the beep, get ready to record.


FLORA: Hello, Mindy and Guy Raz. My name is Flora (ph), and I live in California - San Francisco. And my wow is that octopi can change colors depending on what they are on and what they eat. Bye. Love the show.


AIDA: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz. I'm Aida (ph). I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. My wow in the world is that lemons contain more sugar than strawberries, which is very surprising because lemons are very, very sour. Bye, Mindy and Guy Raz. Bye, Reggie.


ESTELLA: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz. My name is Estella (ph). I live in Monterrey, Mexico. And my wow in the world is that daddy seahorses carry their babies and not the mommy seahorses. It can be, like, 2,000 brothers and sisters and babies. Bye.


ESME: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz. My name is Esme (ph). I'm from Littleton, Colo. And my wow in the world is that sloths only go to the bathroom once a week. And it would take them five minutes to cross a street. Thanks. Say hi to Reggie.


JACK: Hi. My name is Jack (ph). I'm from Phoenix, Ariz. And my wow in the world is the longest bicycle ever was 135 feet and 10.7 inches. Bye.


GRAHAM: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz. My name is Graham (ph), and I live in Edmond, Okla. And my wow in the world is that ladybugs can smell with their feet.


MIRA: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz. My name is Mira (ph), and I live in San Francisco, Calif. And my wow in the world is that fertilizer is made out of poop. Bye. I love your show.


VIC: Hi, Mindy and Guy Raz and Reggie and...


VIC: ...Jed and Dennis, I guess. My name is Vic (ph), and I live in Oxnard, Calif. And my wow in the world is that rainbows are made out of sunshine and water. It's so cool. Bye, Mindy and Guy Raz.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #5: End of messages.

THOMAS: Hey, Wowzers. Before we go, I've got one more big announcement to make. Before the break, we put out a call to all of the inventoritos in the audience to come up with an original gizmo or gadget for our adventure tool kit. And, boy, howdy, did you deliver. We saw invisibility diapers, science-infused snack balls, animal-translating devices, taco-spitting systems, and lots and lots of hilarious video outtakes. We loved each and every one of your inventions, and picking one winner from the bunch was nearly impossible. But with that said, we called in our judges, and we found our winner. And then Guy Raz and I called her. Here's how it went.

Guy Raz, let's call Mina. You ready?

RAZ: I think I'm ready, Mindy, yeah.

THOMAS: Dialing the number, dialing the number.


THOMAS: It's ringing, it's ringing.

MINA: Hello?

RAZ: Hello, is that Mina?

MINA: Yes, it is.

THOMAS: It's her.

RAZ: Mina, it's Guy Raz here. And I'm with Mindy.

THOMAS: Hi, Mina. Big, big fan.


RAZ: Guess why we're calling you.

MINA: Because I won the Tool Kit contest?

THOMAS: Actually, we were calling to order a pizza. But as long as we have you here, Guy Raz, you want to tell her?

RAZ: Yes. Mina, we are calling to tell you that your invention, the Handy-Dandy 5D Sensory Hat D (ph), has won our Inventoritos Inventor's Tool Kit Contest (ph).


MINA: Yay.

THOMAS: Mina, your Handy-Dandy 5D Sensory Hat D invention wowed us in so many ways. From its stylish design aesthetic and thoughtful execution to its unique abilities and endless possibilities, we knew from the moment you presented it to us that it was a must-have for our Adventure Tool Kit. And we can't wait to use it on WOW IN THE WORLD.


THOMAS: Mina, can tell everyone else who's listening what makes your invention so amazing?

MINA: The Handy-Dandy 5D Sensory Hat D was the invention I created...


MINA: ...That can help you experience animal super senses.

THOMAS: That's so wow.

RAZ: Mindy, it's amazing. It's like a helmet you would wear at a construction site, except it has all of these buttons and dials and tools that will allow you and me to sense things, like, in a superhero way. Like, you'll be able to taste things a thousand times more and hear things a hundred times better and see things like space telescopes and...

THOMAS: I know. It's incredible. Mina, where in the world did you come up with the idea for this invention?

MINA: I really like animals. And I know that you talk a lot about animals on the show. So if you had a tool that could help you experience senses like animals, you would understand them better.

RAZ: Wow. I can't wait to try this thing, Mindy.

THOMAS: Same here, Guy Raz. Mina, thank you for your incredible invention and for sharing it with us. And with your permission, we would like to officially make The Handy-Dandy 5D Sensory Hat D the newest addition to our Adventure Tool Kit.


THOMAS: Just as soon as we remove some of the cats.


THOMAS: What do you say?

MINA: Absolutely. Yay.

THOMAS: Yay. Mina, thank you so much. Keep on wowing, and thanks for being part of our world.

RAZ: Thanks, Mina.

MINA: Bye.

THOMAS: Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for hanging out with us this week on WOW IN THE WORLD.

RAZ: And to keep the wow rolling, check out this week's scientific conversation starters at our website wowintheworld.com.

THOMAS: And grown-ups, there you can find more info on how your kids can become members of the World Organization of Wowzers, shop our Wow shop, upload photos and videos to us and check dates for our upcoming live events. That's wowintheworld.com.

RAZ: Our show is produced by Jed Anderson...

THOMAS: ...Who provides the bells, whistles and silly characters. Say hello, Jed.


THOMAS: Our show is written by me, Guy Raz and Thomas van Kalken, who also provides silly characters.

RAZ: Thanks also to Jessica Boddy, Casey Koeffer (ph), Rebecca Caban (ph), Kit Ballenger (ph) and Alex Curley. Meredith Halpern-Ranzer powers the wow at Tinkercast.

THOMAS: Our theme song was composed and performed by The Pop Ups. For more info on their two-time Grammy-nominated, all-ages music, find them at thepopups.com.

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THOMAS: And if you're a kid with a big wow to share with us, call us at 1-888-7-WOW-WOW for a chance to be featured at the end of the show.

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RAZ: Thanks again for listening. And until next time...

RAZ AND THOMAS: Keep on wowing.



THE POP UPS: Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world.

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