Horsefly Don't Bother Me! - The Dazzling Mystery Of Zebra Stripes Guy Raz and his horse Bucky just got back from a frustrating riding lesson. Mindy is on the roof of her gingerbread mansion dressed as a horsefly. And Dennis is, well....just being Dennis. And before this episode is over, YOU will know the newly discovered reason behind why Zebras have stripes! Prepare to be DAZZLED as Guy Raz and Mindy explore the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the World of Zebra Stripes!
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Horsefly Don't Bother Me! - The Dazzling Mystery Of Zebra Stripes

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Horsefly Don't Bother Me! - The Dazzling Mystery Of Zebra Stripes

Horsefly Don't Bother Me! - The Dazzling Mystery Of Zebra Stripes

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Hey, wowzers. Before we start the show, I would just like to announce the winner of our Wow Tampa Sweepstakes. Taking home all the marbles with a golden ticket and prize pack is - drumroll, please. Hey, Reggie.


THOMAS: Drumroll. You're up.


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UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: Stay seated. Three, two, one, ignition.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: Get ready for an adventure of magnificent proportion.

THE POP UPS: (Singing) I don't know what you've been told, but we're in a golden age - so many discoveries that are jumping off the page. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world. Wow in the world.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #3: With Guy and Mindy.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: We're on our way, Houston.


(Singing) Shoo, fly. Don't bother me. Shoo, fly. Don't bother me. Shoo, fly. Don't bother me because my name is Guy Raz.

THOMAS: Guy Razzie (ph).


RAZ: Whoa. Whoa there, Bucky (ph).


RAZ: Mindy, why are you standing on your roof dressed as a fly? You almost scared Bucky here half to death.

THOMAS: Hang on a sec, Guy Raz. I can't hear the words coming out of your mouth. Stay right there, and I'll come down. Just got to shimmy down the drain pipe. Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy.

RAZ: Is that drain pipe made out of a giant candy Red Vine?

THOMAS: I'm here.


RAZ: Mindy, why are you dressed up as a horsefly?

THOMAS: Slow down, Bucky. I'm not going to bite you. I'm not even a real horsefly.


RAZ: There you go, Bucky. See? She's not even a...

THOMAS: Although I do have an uncle that's a horse and a second cousin that's a fly. So I guess that makes me - what? - one-twelfth horsefly?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Hi, Mindy. Hi, Guy.

THOMAS: Hi, Dennis.

RAZ: Morning, Dennis.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Mindy, why are you dressed like a horsefly? Is it because you hate horses? Mindy, why do you hate horses?

RAZ: No wonder Bucky is so terrified of you, Mindy. We just got back from a very frustrating horseback riding lesson with horseflies everywhere. And they wouldn't leave him alone.

THOMAS: Yeah. Well, while you may see a horse when you look at Bucky, what I see when I put on these fly vision goggles I invented...


THOMAS: ...Is nothing but 1,000 pounds of certified, organic, non-GMO breakfast blood.

RAZ: Breakfast blood?

THOMAS: Yeah, you know, 'cause horseflies bite horses and suck their blood. They're basically tiny vampires.


RAZ: Take those horsefly vision goggles off, Mindy. Bucky, calm down there, Bucky. I'm not going to let her bite you.

THOMAS: Guy Raz, I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but if you're worried about horseflies, you're going to have to trade Bucky in for one of those striped horses.

RAZ: Striped horses?

THOMAS: Yeah, one of those black-and-white, striped horses that you find in - I don't know - eastern or southern Africa or on the carousel at the mall.

RAZ: Mindy, do you mean a zebra?

THOMAS: Well, the one I rode on the mall carousel was named Allegra (ph). But maybe Azebra (ph) was her brother or cousin or something?

RAZ: No, no, no. Mindy, I don't mean the striped horse's name was Azebra. I mean that the thing you're talking about is a zebra.

THOMAS: Oh. So then what was that striped horse named Allegra that I was riding on the mall carousel?

RAZ: A zebra.

THOMAS: Oh, so you're talking about a zebra.

RAZ: Yes. No, you're talking about a zebra.

THOMAS: Guy Raz, I'm talking about a four-legged, black-and-white, striped animal with a killer mohawk that belongs to the Equidae family of the genus Equus. And horses are equids.

RAZ: And so are zebras. Zebras belong to the same family and genus as horses.

THOMAS: So what you're trying to say here is that zebras are not striped horses?

RAZ: No, they're zebras. They're a completely different species.

THOMAS: But they're both part of the Equidae family.

RAZ: Yes. I guess you could say that zebras and horses are related distant cousins, even. Donkeys are also part of the Equidae family. But again, donkeys are not horses.

THOMAS: Got it. So back to these striped zebras. You know, Guy Raz, if you're worried about horseflies, your monthly payments could probably stay about the same if you just traded Bucky in for a pre-owned zebra.

RAZ: Huh?

THOMAS: How long have you had him - what? - two years? I know I'd upgrade my horse every time the stable released a new model. You could probably even find one with Bluetooth and a cup holder if you're not picky about size.

RAZ: I'm not going to trade Bucky in for a zebra, Mindy. Bucky is my horse. Aren't you, Bucky?


RAZ: You're so cute, I could eat you up.

THOMAS: (Clearing throat).

RAZ: Oh, sorry.

THOMAS: Guy Raz, you were complaining that the horseflies wouldn't leave you and Bucky alone. But with a plain, old, brown coat like that, Bucky's practically inviting the flies to bite him.

RAZ: And you're saying that wouldn't happen if he were a zebra?

THOMAS: I'm saying that it wouldn't happen if you were covered in stripes like a zebra or if you put him on that carousel at the mall.

RAZ: Mindy, this is a live animal.

THOMAS: Hey, just throwing it out there.

RAZ: Mindy, where exactly are you going with this?

THOMAS: OK, Guy Raz. So I just read this amazing new study where these researchers at the University of California, Davis think they may have stumbled upon a brand-new scientific explanation for this.

RAZ: An explanation for zebra stripes?

THOMAS: And why you might want to get some if you've got a problem with horseflies.

RAZ: So what's the scientific explanation? Lay it on me.

THOMAS: Well, I could tell you.

RAZ: Yes...

THOMAS: But I'd rather show you.

RAZ: Oh, boy.

THOMAS: Trot with me, Guy Raz. I'm going to need a few supplies from my house.

RAZ: Supplies like what?

THOMAS: I'll show you when we get inside. Now to open the door - hi-ya.


THOMAS: After you, Bucky. Hey, Reg. I'm home. And I brought a horse.


RAZ: You know, Mindy, if you took some time to invent yourself a gingerbread doorknob, you wouldn't need to keep kicking down your door.

THOMAS: Well, I tried kicking down your door, and all my toes broke off. See?

RAZ: Eugh.

THOMAS: And now I have to tape five peanuts to the front of my foot every time I want to wear flip-flops.

RAZ: You what?


THOMAS: OK. So the first thing we're going to need for this scientific exploration is...

RAZ: Wait. I thought you said you had a scientific explanation.

THOMAS: Yeah. That's exactly what I said. A scientific exploration.

RAZ: But...

THOMAS: Now first thing you're going to need is this black spandex unitard and an extra set of legs. You should have six legs total, including your arms. And then you're going to need a pair of these delicate motorized wings that I made by wrapping a pair of my Aunt Mojo's pantyhose around some rusty coat hangers that I twisted into wing shapes. Here. Put your arms through these loops, so I can attach them to your back here.

RAZ: Wow. These do look just like horsefly wings. Wait. Wait. Horsefly wings? Mindy...

THOMAS: I installed the motor from your hairdryer to the wings to make them fly. Here. Check this out. Remote control power on.

RAZ: Whoa. Whoa. I'm buzzing. Turn it off, Mindy. Turn them off.

THOMAS: And last but not least, you're going to need your fly vision goggles.

RAZ: Oh, no.

THOMAS: Now, be careful with these things. They're a new invention. And I'm still working out some of the kinks.

RAZ: You're trying to dress me up like a horsefly.

THOMAS: For science.

RAZ: Mindy, science does not involve this many costumes. First, the flamingo costume, then the squirrel, then the ant. And we can't forget the cockroach. And now this?

THOMAS: Oh, we haven't even gotten to the actual costumes that were used in this scientific exploration.

RAZ: What do you mean?

THOMAS: I mean that the scientists in this study I'm about to tell you about absolutely used costumes in their experiment. Now come on. Suit up.

RAZ: Bucky, cover your eyes. And remember, no matter what silly horsefly costume Mindy puts me in, I'm still your trusted buddy Guy Raz, OK? OK, Mindy. I'll take the fly vision goggles.

THOMAS: Here you go.

RAZ: OK. Fly vision goggles on.


THOMAS: Whoa there, Bucky. Remember, we're not real horseflies. These are only costumes.


RAZ: For science, Bucky. For science.

THOMAS: Good boy. And now a costume for you, Bucky.

RAZ: Wait. Is that a zebra suit?

THOMAS: Well, technically, they're zebra jammies. But basically, yeah.

RAZ: I think Bucky likes it.

THOMAS: Come on, Bucky. Come on, Bucky. Let's get you dressed. One hoof. Come on. Two hoofs. Three hoofs. Get in there. Four hoofs. And the last thing I'll need is my shrink wand.

RAZ: Shrink wand?

THOMAS: Now, where did I put that thing?

RAZ: Saddle up, Bucky. Something tells me we're in for a wild ride.

THOMAS: Found it. All right. Now come on. Let's get back outside, and I'll explain everything. Walk, walk, walk, walk.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Oh, no. Horseflies. I knew this day would come. Mr, Zebra, look out. There are two giant horseflies behind you.

RAZ: Dennis...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Oh, Guy. Hey. Why, don't you look just - huh.

THOMAS: So, Guy Raz, remember how, earlier, you were saying that horseflies kept attacking Bucky, trying to suck his blood?

RAZ: Yeah. And then you suggested that I trade him in for one of those striped carousel horses at the mall.

THOMAS: They're called zebras, Guy Raz. Not even the same species as horses. Also, they come from the continent of Africa, not the carousel at the mall.

RAZ: (Groaning).

THOMAS: So anywho, this team of biologists at the University of California, Davis think they may have figured out why.

RAZ: Why horseflies attack horses?

THOMAS: And why they're way less likely to attack zebras.

RAZ: So, Mindy, when I think of the most obvious differences between zebras and horses, the first thing that comes to mind are the stripes because, of course, zebras have them, and horses don't.

THOMAS: Yes. But the question is, why do zebras have stripes? Like, what's their function? What's their purpose?

RAZ: Well, I know that some scientists believe that zebras have stripes to camouflage them from predators or animals who want to attack them.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Guy, zebra stripes don't seem like very effective camouflage to me. It sticks out very clearly. I mean, maybe it would work if the zebra stood in a thicket of birch trees in winter.

RAZ: OK. Well, then maybe they have stripes to help them find other zebras. By the way, did you know the zebra stripes are just as unique as our fingerprints? No two zebras are exactly alike.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Ooh, like snowflakes.

RAZ: Oh, no, I got it. Zebras have stripes to keep their bodies cool in the hot sun - kind of like a built-in air conditioner.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Actually, Guy, I believe the school of thought here is...

THOMAS: I got this one, Dennis. So, Guy Raz, earlier studies have shown that zebras do tend to stay cooler than other nonstriped mammals. But whether it's because of their stripes is still up for scientific debate.

RAZ: So then what is it? And why are we dressed like horseflies? And why is Bucky wearing zebra pajamas? And why are you holding that shrink wand? And why do you have to make that mischievous look in your eye?

THOMAS: Like I said earlier, Guy Raz, I could tell you.

RAZ: Yeah?

THOMAS: But I'd rather show you.

RAZ: Here we go.

THOMAS: OK. So step one - we are going to shimmy up the drain pipe to the roof of my gingerbread mansion. Bucky here is going to stand the ground that I've covered in pillow-sized marshmallows.

RAZ: Are marshmallows part of the study?

THOMAS: No. They're to cushion our landing if we fall off the roof.

RAZ: Of course.

THOMAS: Once we get up to the roof, we're going to power up our fly vision goggles, OK?


THOMAS: Now just follow me, Guy Raz. As usual, I've got everything out of control. Now up the drain pipe. Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy.

RAZ: Anything for science.

THOMAS: Here we are. The roof of my gingerbread mansion. Wow. I can see the whole world from up here. Hey, look. There's the Knuckle Hut. And there's the Spit Take. And there's Grandma G-Force wrestling a train of shopping carts. Hi, Grandma G-Force. It's me, Mindy.

RAZ: You know, Mindy, as I was shimmying up your drain pipe, I thought of something.

THOMAS: Oh, yeah?

RAZ: Yeah. Yeah. So what if the whole purpose of a zebra's stripes is to somehow help to protect it from a horsefly attack?

THOMAS: Hmm. Go on.

RAZ: Well, just take a look at Bucky down there. I mean, you dressed him in those ridiculous zebra pajamas, and there's not a single horsefly on him. I mean, he's happily grazing on those marshmallows. Wait. Are horses supposed to be eating marshmallows?

THOMAS: Yes, of course horses are not supposed to be eating marshmallows, Guy Raz. (Yelling) Bucky, spit it out.

RAZ: (Yelling) Don't eat those, Bucky. Spit them out.


THOMAS: Well, Guy Raz, your hunch is actually the same as the hypothesis - or educated guess - that this UC Davis biologist named Tim Caro had.

RAZ: And just to be clear, a biologist is the kind of scientist who studies the natural world and the things living in it, like plants and animals.

THOMAS: Right. And so Dr. Caro specializes in animal coloration or why certain animals are certain colors or color patterns.

RAZ: Like zebras' black-and-white stripes, for example.

THOMAS: Exactoritos. So like any curious scientist, he decided to test his hypothesis by conducting a little experiment. And lucky for you, we're going to try it ourselves right here, right now.

RAZ: Which I'm guessing is why we're standing on the roof of your gingerbread mansion, dressed in homemade horsefly costumes, with my horse on the ground, standing on a bed of marshmallows and wearing zebra pajamas?

THOMAS: Step one - collect all the zebras you can find.

RAZ: Well, that's going to be a little tough, Mindy. I mean, first, we'd have to go to Africa. And then there's the fact that zebras in the wild are extremely difficult to get close to.

THOMAS: And most airlines won't accept them as emotional support animals, so how are you going to get them back to your lab? Yada yada yada. So we're moving on to Plan B - get a bunch of horses or, in our case, one horse and dress it up in zebra jammies.

RAZ: Wait. Did Dr. Caro and his team do this?

THOMAS: Well, basically, yeah. I mean, anything for science, right?

RAZ: Anything for science.

THOMAS: Step two - invite a bunch of horseflies to the pajama party.

RAZ: Well, if there's anything I learned from my riding lesson with Bucky earlier, it's that horseflies will gladly show up without an invitation.

THOMAS: Step three - we sit back and watch the magic happen.

RAZ: OK, bring it on.

THOMAS: Yep, just as I suspected.

RAZ: Is something supposed to be happening?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) Mindy, it's crazy. There's a bunch of horseflies down here, but none are landing on the zebra. Is it ruining the experiment? Do we need to find some zebra flies?

THOMAS: See what I mean?

RAZ: So the horseflies are down there, but they're not biting Bucky because he's dressed like a zebra?

THOMAS: Sure looks like it, right?

RAZ: But why? I mean, can't they see what an easy target they have? Not that I'm complaining. I mean, Bucky has never seemed more relaxed than ever.

THOMAS: Step four - find out why by getting inside the eye of a fly.

RAZ: I'm assuming it's time to try out your new fly view goggles invention.

THOMAS: You know it. Let's power these babies up.

RAZ: Whoa. Whoa.

THOMAS: They work. My invention works.

RAZ: Why are they making that sound?

THOMAS: I told you I still had to work out a few of the kinks. Here, stay still.

RAZ: Ow, ow, ow.

THOMAS: Fixed it.

RAZ: Mindy, this is incredible. We're actually seeing the world exactly the way a fly would.

THOMAS: This is even more wow than I thought it would be.

RAZ: But look at Bucky. I know we had him dressed in a zebra costume, but now his whole body looks gray.

THOMAS: What in the wow?

RAZ: You know what, Mindy? I was just reading something about the way flies actually see. This must have something to do with the fact that flies have low-resolution eyes, meaning that colors and lines and details are sort of blurred into one big blurry mess.

THOMAS: Well, on that thought, step five - power up your wings, Guy Raz. We're going in for a closer look. But first, we're going to have to shrink ourselves to the size of horseflies.

RAZ: Wait. What?

THOMAS: Shrink wand activate.


RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) We're flies?

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) Now using our motorized wings to fly us and our fly vision goggles to direct our path, we're going to fly off this roof and land right there on Bucky, OK?

RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) No-K (ph).

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) Bombs away.


THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) Notice anything unusual, Guy Raz?

RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) I don't know. Everything?

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) No, about Bucky.

RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) Whoa. Mindy, he's no longer gray. And his stripes are dancing.

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) It's on optical illusion. This is what horseflies see when they go to bite on a zebra.

RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) My fly vision is so confused, Mindy. I can't figure out where to land.

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) Just take your best guess.


THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) You OK, little buddy?

RAZ: (In high-pitched voice) Yeah. I like bowling (ph).

THOMAS: (In high-pitched voice) Maybe I'd better unshrink us. Shrink wand, reverse activate.


RAZ: Whew. Wow. That was incredible, Mindy.

THOMAS: Really? You thought so?

RAZ: Yeah. Your fly vision goggle invention worked. I mean, we may not have been able to make our landing...


RAZ: Oh, hi, Bucky. But we were able to experience exactly what it's like to be a horsefly in search of fresh horse meat.

THOMAS: I guess when we put it that way...

RAZ: We were so dazzled by the optical illusion of the moving zebra stripes that we weren't able to clearly see where to land on Bucky.

THOMAS: Yeah. It was almost like our vision became overloaded and unable to focus.

RAZ: So you realize what this means, don't you, Mindy?

THOMAS: I think this means that your hunch and Dr. Caro's hypothesis might have been right on.

RAZ: A hypothesis that the reason zebras have stripes is to keep the blood-sucking horseflies away.

THOMAS: You know it.

RAZ: Well, Mindy, I think it's time we make a run to the mall.

THOMAS: The mall? What for?

RAZ: Well, to get me a black-and-white-striped horseback riding suit.

THOMAS: Ah, good call. And while we're there, do you think we'll have enough time to ride the mall carousel?

RAZ: What is it with you and that striped carousel horse?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) It's called a zee-bra (ph). Or is it pronounced zeh-bra (ph)?

RAZ: Thanks, Dennis.

THOMAS: Yeah, thanks, Dennis.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) The real question here is, are zebras white with black stripes, or are they black with white stripes. Now, to figure this out, we're going to have to do an experiment. We'll need a caliper, preferably digital, a pair of high-contrast hair clippers.

RAZ: Dennis...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) And you know what? I think I'm going to need to get a set of these zebra-print pajamas. They seem to be doing wonders.

THOMAS: (Groaning).

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: (As Dennis) I have a lot of problems with horseflies. Have I told you...

UNIDENTIFIED CHILD #1: WOW IN THE WORLD will be right back. Grown-ups, this message is for you.

That's it. Back to the show.


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HANNAH AND ANNIE: ...(Laughter) Who's annoying.


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