Summer Fashion and the City Residents of Manhattan share their thoughts about the movie Sex and the City, shoes and new styles for summer. Day to Day's New York fashion contributor Najwa Moses shares her thoughts and theirs with host Madeleine Brand.
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Summer Fashion and the City

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Summer Fashion and the City

Summer Fashion and the City

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When I think of the TV show Sex and the City three M words come to mind, Manhattan, Magnolia Bakery, and Manolo's.

(Soundbite of TV show "Sex and the City")

Ms. PARKER: (As Carrie Bradshaw) The next day, over dessert, I was still not over the fact that my shoes had deserted me. These were new Manolos. I hadn't even done a full lap around the party and you know, I don't play favorites with my shoes but these were very special.

BRAND: Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker obsessed with the shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. Women going to see the movie "Sex and the City" this weekend are as curious about Carrie's shoes as they are about her wedding to Mr. Big. Najwa Moses, Day to Day's fashion contributor, is in New York and she's been doing some hard-hitting research there on the streets of New York City. Hi, Najwa.

NAJWA MOSES: Hi, Madeleine. I think you forgot one M. Men.

BRAND: And Moses.

MOSES: And Moses.

BRAND: So you spoke with the shoe expert who went to the "Sex and the City" red carpet premiere event, and I guess the shoe expert was looking down at that red carpet to see what the ladies were wearing.

MOSES: Oh, yes. Well, actually, I spoke with Miss Meghan, aka, Meghan Cleary. She's America's shoe expert and actually, the carpet was pink. When I speak to her a little about you know, what the girls were wearing on their feet, Kim Cattrall, kept it real with Jimmy Choos, and she had on a basket weave, metallic basket weave stilettos. Basket weave is going to be a huge, huge trend for the summer as well as for the fall. So, get on top of that. Have a lot of fun with that.

BRAND: I will.

MOSES: And as for S.J.P. a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw, Ms. Meghan lets us know exactly what she had on.

Ms. MEGHAN CLEARY (Shoe Expert): I had a little friend inside the Sarah Jessica camp who let me know that her shoes were Givenchy golden, peep-toe, ankle-boot stilettos.

BRAND Oh, my gosh! I don't even know what to do with that, Najwa.

MOSES: Let's just talk about this for a minute. She wore ankle boots on the pink carpet. It's a revolution. It's all about the ankle boots. It's all about the ankle boots, friends.

BRAND: And I'm just wondering, has "Sex and the City" jumped the shark there in Manhattan? Are people sick of S.J.P. and all her friends?

MOSES: Absolutely not.


MOSES: From the premiere where 1,500 people actually got locked out, to last night. Actually I was passing, just walking in the streets about 12 o'clock midnight, and people were lined up at the theaters. Gaggles and groups of girls had just come from having cosmos. People are ultra-excited. You've got people taking days off. You've got bloggers calling it "Sex and the City" Day.

BRAND: Today, being "Sex and the City" Day?

MOSES: Today is "Sex and the City" Day. I call it "Sex and the City" Day. And I think people around the blogosphere are also calling it "Sex and the City" Day.

BRAND: For us mere mortals, you talked earlier about what the style should be for the summer, what we should be wearing on our feet this summer. You talked about ankle boots. What else?

MOSES: Shoes are really fun this summer, Madeleine, and I'm excited about it. One other thing that you're going to see is neon colors. I'm talking about strong, strong neon colors, orange, limes, yellows. You are going to see them done in platforms, in pumps, in flats. And they're going to be done a lot in a patent-leather tone. So, they're going to be popping. And actually, I went down to Soho to check out a boutique that I absolutely love called Irregular Choice. It's all about fantastic, funky shoes mostly imported from Europe, down at Soho. And I spoke with Zoe Papos(ph) who's actually the manager, and said, hey, Zoe, what's going on for this summer? Tell me what people are buying, and what people are wearing.

Ms. ZOE PAPOS (Store Manager, Irregular Choice): Sandals that are inspired from the Greek mythology like the ones with the wings, that they're in silver, in gold and black color. We have some styles that they cover the ankle but they're still sandals. And they're very successful as well.

MOSES: Oh, they have a cuff. Oh, those are great!

(Soundbite of Velcro opening)

MOSES: Do that one more time for me.

(Soundbite of Velcro opening)

(Soundbite of laughter)

MOSES: That's the cuff.

BRAND: Zoe was great. So, these are flats.

MOSES: Yes. Flats have gotten very sexy. You see them with the wide cuff, you see them with straps, still in the thongs style. So, if you want to wear flat this summer, by all means, have fun with flats.

BRAND: Fashion expert, Najwa Moses from Thanks, Najwa.

MOSES: Thank you, Madeleine. Always fun.

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