Five-Year-Old Chef Gets His Own Show Julian Kreusser began cooking at age three. Two years later, he has his own television show on Portland cable access television. We talk with him about what it's like to be a culinary star so young.
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Five-Year-Old Chef Gets His Own Show

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Five-Year-Old Chef Gets His Own Show

Five-Year-Old Chef Gets His Own Show

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One location Andy Hayler probably hasn't found yet is Chef Julian's place. And that's because Chef Julian Kreusser doesn't have his own restaurant yet. He does, though, have his own cooking show. It's called "Big Kitchen With Food," and it airs on Portland, Oregon Public Access Cable Television. And Julian Kreusser is only five years old.

Mr. JULIAN KREUSSER (Chef, "Big Kitchen With Food"): And then you add some of the - (whispering) what is it called? And then you add some of the zucchini, some of the zucchini. You chop it up.

ADAMS: Julian Kreusser and his mother, Kristen McKee, welcome to you both. Hi, Kristen.


ADAMS: Hi, Julian.


ADAMS: Tell us how you started cooking so young - under five?

Mr. KREUSSER: I was watching PBS on television, like I do. And I saw sometimes, like in the middle of the cartoons or after a cartoon, there's a cooking show. And that's what gave me the idea of my cooking show.

ADAMS: How long ago was that really?

Mr. KREUSSER: When I first started cooking, that was like when I helped Kristen cook dinner.

ADAMS: How far back, Kristen, was that?

Ms. MCKEE: Oh, I used to carry him in a pouch, a sling.

ADAMS: Sure.

Ms. MCKEE: And so, I would do the cooking while he was there. He was there right with me from the very beginning. Later, he, you know, asked if he could maybe stir something or cut something up or use some of the tools in the kitchen. And sometimes - one time he went out and made some toasted olives for the neighbors. That was probably the first time he took initiative. He's was about three years old when he did that.

Mr. KREUSSER: Yeah, but another time, when I was four, I woke up before Kristen and Ben.

Ms. MCKEE: That's his parents.

ADAMS: Right.

Mr. KREUSSER: Yeah. And I went out in the kitchen and made fried eggs all by myself.

ADAMS: Kristin, did you ever have concerns about Julian being right there with all the flames and the knives and things like that in the kitchen?

Ms. MCKEE: Not more than I have concerns about him being in the rest of the world. I think he's a trustworthy person, and I'm always there to guide him as best I can.

ADAMS: Right. Does he stand up on a stool to get to the counter?

Ms. MCKEE: Actually, now, he's kind of good at sort of vaulting himself up there.

(Soundbite of laughter)

ADAMS: Oh, he gets on the counter?

Ms. MCKEE: Yeah, he can get on the counter. Or he uses a stool if he needs to.

ADAMS: Julian, are you making food that is yours alone, your own recipes?

Mr. KREUSSER: All the ones before Yummy Yummy Citrus Boys were ones that I didn't make up.

ADAMS: Yummy Yummy Citrus Boy is your first recipe. What is it?

Mr. KREUSSER: They're little boys. They look like gingerbread men, but they have different ingredients.

ADAMS: And what do they taste like?

Mr. KREUSSER: I don't really know what they taste like, but I can taste the powdered sugar on top of them.

ADAMS: I'll bet. Kristen, your son's show is local on Portland Public Cable Access television. Any idea of making it a national program? Any dream of that?

Ms. MCKEE: I personally don't have any dreams about that. It's mainly Julian's interest. It is also on the Internet. I think we have it on But that wasn't the goal of it. I think when Julian started doing this, it was - like he said, because he wanted to have fun.

ADAMS: Hey, Julian, you want to be a chef when you grow up?

Mr. KREUSSER: Well, I kind of already chose to be a person who works at a place where they send out TV.

ADAMS: In a television station.

Mr. KREUSSER: Yeah, in a television station.

ADAMS: But not a restaurant?

Mr. KREUSSER: Maybe I can have two jobs, so, like, having a restaurant and being a TV chef.

ADAMS: Julian Kreusser is five years old. He has his own cooking show in Portland, Oregon. It's called, "Big Kitchen with Food." His mother is Kristen McKee. Thanks to both of you for talking with us.

Ms. MCKEE: Thank you.


ADAMS: And you can find the link to Chef Julian's show and his recipe for that chocolate chip zucchini bread on our blog. That's

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