Adult Milestones Rugrats first aired 30 years ago. In this game, Nancy Cartwright and Cheryl Chase, the voices of Chuckie Finster and Angelica Pickles, imagine what their original audience might be doing now.

Adult Milestones

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JONATHAN COULTON, BYLINE: This is NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER. I'm Jonathan Coulton. Here's your host, Ophira Eisenberg.


Thanks, Jonathan. We're playing games with Cheryl Chase and Nancy Cartwright, who voice Angelica Pickles and Chuckie Finster on "Rugrats." Nancy also does the voice of Bart Simpson. Are you ready for another game.



EISENBERG: Great. So we've established that you can work well together. But now we're going to see what happens when we make you compete.


CHASE: Oh, boy.

CARTWRIGHT: So wait, are you saying that it's Chuckie against Angelica?


EISENBERG: Nancy and Cheryl, I want to just start this by horrifying every millennial in our audience when I say that it has been 30 years since the original "Rugrats" series premiered. So in this game, we are going to ask you questions about adult milestones as if they were toddler or baby milestones that you might read in a parenting book.


EISENBERG: So we're going to just go back and forth. Cheryl, this first one is for you.


EISENBERG: One important milestone in developmental achievement is when your child takes their first step toward the washing machine. It's important to let your child learn from their mistakes, like when they wash a silk blouse at home when the tag is marked with an empty circle symbol meaning what?

CHASE: Oh, man. You can tell I don't use silks blouses.


EISENBERG: But if you were to...

COULTON: It's a pain in the neck when you clean them.

EISENBERG: That's right.

COULTON: You can't put them in the washing machine.

CHASE: You (inaudible) to the dry cleaners.

EISENBERG: Yes. Exactly. Exactly. Dry-clean only.

CHASE: Yeah.

EISENBERG: Something I do not buy myself. Because why? Why?


EISENBERG: Febreze and a steamer. That's what I say.


COULTON: That's right. Dry-clean only means you wear it until it smells too bad to wear any more and you throw it away.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right, disposable. It's disposable clothing.

COULTON: Disposable clothes.


COULTON: All right. Here we go. This is for you, Nancy.



COULTON: It can be difficult to wean your 30-year-old off of cheap wine. But if they're really struggling to tell their whites from their reds, you may want to consult a wine expert known by this French term.

CARTWRIGHT: Oh, a sommelier.

COULTON: Sommelier, that's right.

CARTWRIGHT: (Laughter).

CHASE: Very good, Nancy.

CARTWRIGHT: You guys, get this. They actually have water sommeliers. There are so many...


CARTWRIGHT: Yeah, there are so many different kinds of waters, there's a restaurant in Hollywood that - they serve something like 36 different kinds of water.

CHASE: (Laughter).

CARTWRIGHT: And there's a water sommelier that comes to your table and (laughter) - I'm serious.

COULTON: That is bananas. That is bananas.

EISENBERG: Do you look at a menu, and you're like, I'll have the...


EISENBERG: ...1972 French water?



CHASE: Did they serve food at the restaurant, or is there just water?

EISENBERG: Just water (laughter).


COULTON: Just water only.

CHASE: Oh, my gosh.

CARTWRIGHT: No. It's both.


CARTWRIGHT: Come on. Hit us with another one. Let's go. What else you got?



EISENBERG: This one is for you.


EISENBERG: The sleepy 30s can be a difficult phase in any child's development. Fortunately, there are many different drink options to help maintain a healthy level of caffeination. One is the macchiato, made from what two ingredients?

CHASE: The macchiato, made out of Espresso and milk.

EISENBERG: That's right. Yes.

CHASE: What? Really? Oh, my gosh. I...

EISENBERG: Oh, yeah.

COULTON: (Laughter).

CHASE: Oh. OK. I'm...

EISENBERG: I mean, I don't know how you like your coffee. How do you like your coffee?

CHASE: With a little bit of cream. That's all.

EISENBERG: That's it?

CHASE: Yeah.

EISENBERG: Yep. Yes. So we were discussing this - how much milk is in a cappuccino versus a macchiato? I did not know.

COULTON: You know, I used to be a barista. So I've made a lot of coffee drinks. And yeah, cappuccino has a lot of foam...

EISENBERG: That's right.

COULTON: ...Macchiato, just a little dollop of foam.

All right, Nancy, this one is for you. It's the last question in this game.



COULTON: Healthy social development can help your child build self-esteem and practice language skills. Flirting with 10 different people can help them develop object permanence. As a bonus, they can develop digital dexterity by using this app that popularized swiping.

CARTWRIGHT: Tinder? I don't know.

COULTON: Yeah, that is right, Tinder.

CARTWRIGHT: Oh, good guess (laughter).

CHASE: Yeah.

COULTON: Nancy, I feel like you're playing coy. You're on Tinder all the time, aren't you?

EISENBERG: (Laughter).



EISENBERG: Another great game. Well done.


EISENBERG: Thank you both so much for playing along and being such wonderful guests. Nancy Cartwright and Cheryl Chase voice Chuckie Finster and Angelica Pickles on the "Rugrats" on Paramount+. Nancy and Cheryl, thank you so much.

CARTWRIGHT: You're welcome.

CHASE: Thank you so much, guys.

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