Final Credits Show credits pay tribute to the folks who put Day to Day together.
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Final Credits

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Final Credits

Final Credits

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And now, we interrupt this program to go back in time.

ALEX CHADWICK: Hello. Is this thing on?

BRAND: Oh my God. Al?


BRAND: Al! Alex Chadwick, every one, the original host of the show. He's here to - what are you doing here?

CHADWICK: Well, I'm supposed to help you with the credits. I actually came in for the blame, but we're leaving that out of this program.

BRAND: Good, it's all good news from now on.

CHADWICK: OK, our program would not get on the air if not for uber-producer Chip Graybow, the funniest straight man around.

BRAND: Also necessary, our brain - definitely mine - editor Martha Little. The director is the elegant Ki Min Sung.

CHADWICK: The Day to Day production staff includes Steve Proffitt, Mr. Wizard.

BRAND: Our newest hire, brilliant producer Nancy Farghalli. Welcome aboard.

CHADWICK: Mmm. Also, recently here, the very cheery producer, Andy Houlihan. And Kenya Young - we hope to work for her someday.

BRAND: The talented temps, Christopher Johnson, an original staffer and an original. Skye Rohde, a good reporter.

CHADWICK: Nihar Patel. We kept trying to hire Nihar, and he'd never agree to take a job.

BRAND: How did he know?

CHADWICK: Thank you to Day to Day's final intern, Angele Barbizon(ph).

BRAND: Our editors are the unflappable Jason DeRose, the wicked, Lee Rye(ph). Jacob Conrad, Sarah Spivack, that energy.

CHADWICK: And that hair.

BRAND: And Joli Meyers(ph), who always seems to know what we're going to do before we know what we're going to do.

CHADWICK: Our technical director Leo Del Aguila(ph), with engineering help from Carlos Asencio(ph) and Marcia Caldwell(ph).

BRAND: The Day to Day theme was composed by Greg Smith. The executive producer is Deborah Clark, our boss. So many of the good things that happened here are thanks to her.

CHADWICK: And the managing editor of NPR West, Cinny Kennard.

BRAND: Bon voyage, Cinny.

CHADWICK: You know, Mad, I've been getting calls and notes. There's a lot of sadness about this day. But it is the first day of spring - rebirth, renewal. Why don't you come by my place later, and let's see what we can dream of.

BRAND: OK. You buying?

(Soundbite of laughter)

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