This, That Or The Other Ted Lasso stars Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham play the most whimsical TTOTO yet: a capella group, British children's TV shows, or American snack cakes made by the company "Hostess."

This, That Or The Other

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JONATHAN COULTON, BYLINE: This is NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER. I'm Jonathan Coulton. Here's your host, Ophira Eisenberg.


Thanks, Jonathan. We're playing games with "Ted Lasso" stars Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein. Are you ready for another one?


EISENBERG: OK. So this is one of our favorites. It's a guessing game called This, That Or The Other. We'll give you the name of something, and you're just going to tell us which of three categories it belongs to. Jonathan Coulton, what are today's categories?

COULTON: Today's categories are a capella groups, British children's TV shows and American snack cakes made by the company Hostess.


EISENBERG: OK. So you're going to take turns answering questions. Here we go. Brett, this first one is for you. It's easy. Twinkies - is that an a capella...


WADDINGHAM: Look at you with all the aggression and speed.

COULTON: (Laughter).


WADDINGHAM: He's not competitive at all, is he?



WADDINGHAM: Yeah, but that was for you first. That wasn't, like, who can say it first.

GOLDSTEIN: I didn't have to say it quickly.

WADDINGHAM: Otherwise I would have said it before you, trust me.


EISENBERG: That is right. It is not a British kids show. It is not an a capella group. It is a snack cake, and probably the only one of these three things that never goes bad.

GOLDSTEIN: A Twinkie is - yeah, is the only thing...

WADDINGHAM: Love a Twinkie.

GOLDSTEIN: Twinkies and cockroaches - right? - will survive the apocalypse. Yeah.

COULTON: Twinkies and cockroaches.

EISENBERG: That's it.

GOLDSTEIN: What a delicious sandwich.


COULTON: All right, Hannah, here is one for you.

WADDINGHAM: (Singing) Under pressure, (vocalizing).


COULTON: Whiffenpoofs.

WADDINGHAM: Oh, for God's sake. That's much harder than his. Why couldn't I have the bloody Twinkie one?

COULTON: (Laughter).

WADDINGHAM: I'm going to go - I'm tempted to say a capella group, but I'm - is it The Whiffenpoofs? You might be giving me a bum steer there.

COULTON: I mean (laughter)...

WADDINGHAM: You can tell I'm really competitive. I don't want to finalize my answer.

COULTON: I can tell you...

EISENBERG: I love this. I love this.

COULTON: It's - there's no way you would know the answer to this question. But I appreciate...

WADDINGHAM: Oh, good. OK. Well, I'm going to...

COULTON: ...That you really are feeling the...

EISENBERG: Yeah, there's no way.

GOLDSTEIN: (Inaudible).

WADDINGHAM: I'm going to go...

EISENBERG: Brett is whispering something to Hannah.

WADDINGHAM: No, but you might be sabotaging me there.

GOLDSTEIN: That's what I would answer. I don't know it. But that sounds like a a capella group to me.

WADDINGHAM: He's nodding. All right, a capella group.

COULTON: A capella group is correct.


EISENBERG: (Laughter).

COULTON: Well done. Well done.


COULTON: It is The Whiffenpoofs.

WADDINGHAM: Ah, you see?

COULTON: I was actually in this a capella group, full disclosure.

WADDINGHAM: What kind of music? What kind of songs?

COULTON: Oh, you know, a capella.


COULTON: We did a lot of old jazz standards and some ill-advised modern pop covers.


EISENBERG: All right, Brett. ZingZillas.

GOLDSTEIN: A ZingZilla. OK, so for the record, I gave Hannah the answer to the last one, and it was correct. She's now offering me the answer, and we will see if she's trying to sabotage me or be a good friend.


GOLDSTEIN: I'm going to say British children's TV show.

EISENBERG: Yes, indeed it is. She was a good friend, and you are correct.


EISENBERG: Yeah. It's a - ZingZillas are a band of musical primates.

GOLDSTEIN: Right. Right.

COULTON: I very much appreciate the mutual suspicion between you two as well.


COULTON: You're going to sabotage each other.

WADDINGHAM: It's consistent, trust me.


COULTON: All right, Hannah. Hullabahoos.

WADDINGHAM: Hullabahoos.

GOLDSTEIN: I don't know, but I think your instincts are right.

WADDINGHAM: Hullabahoos. I'm going go to children's.

GOLDSTEIN: Oh, it might be a...

COULTON: I'm sorry. This one is also an a capella group.


WADDINGHAM: Oh, poo sticks (ph). That's not fair.

GOLDSTEIN: Are you in it?

COULTON: It's a little too ridiculous in name to be a children's TV show. It had to be an a capella group (laughter).

WADDINGHAM: No, it's not. God, there's some nonsense in our country.

EISENBERG: Oh, my goodness.

GOLDSTEIN: Are you in the Hullabahoos?

WADDINGHAM: Yeah, are you also in the Hullabahoos?

COULTON: No, I was not. That's a - that's a group from the University of Virginia.


WADDINGHAM: Hullabahoos - can we just talk about the fact that I'm genuinely gutted that I'm now one point down?

EISENBERG: (Laughter) There's still time.

GOLDSTEIN: Yeah, we can talk about it.

EISENBERG: There's still time.

WADDINGHAM: I'm not happy about that.

COULTON: There...


COULTON: Yeah. That's true.

WADDINGHAM: Move on quickly, otherwise I'm going to have a tantrum.


COULTON: OK. Good. Good.



EISENBERG: Ding Dongs.


EISENBERG: Hostess snack cake - that's right. That is a hockey puck-shaped chocolate cake dipped in chocolate with vanilla cream filling that does not taste as good as all those words I just said.



WADDINGHAM: 'Cause you had me. I was in...


WADDINGHAM: ...Just then.

GOLDSTEIN: I was like, we got to get some Ding Dongs.

EISENBERG: Yeah. It's...

WADDINGHAM: I got to get hockey-shaped chocolate treats.

COULTON: All right, Hannah. This is the last one it is for you - "Numtums."

WADDINGHAM: "Numtums."

COULTON: "Numtums."

WADDINGHAM: I think that's a Hostess thing.

GOLDSTEIN: Or is it a children's TV show about bears that eat before bed?

WADDINGHAM: And they put num, num, num, num, num, tums.

GOLDSTEIN: In their tum, tum, tums is my guess.

COULTON: (Laughter).


WADDINGHAM: Num, num, num.

GOLDSTEIN: Is it numb - N-U-M-B?

COULTON: No - N-U-M-T-U-M-S - one word.

WADDINGHAM: "Numtums" - I think it's Hostess - kids.

COULTON: I'm sorry it is a British kids TV show.

WADDINGHAM: Oh, Poohsticks.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) That's what they say on the show.

WADDINGHAM: I'm just sore loser.

GOLDSTEIN: Yeah, but you just came up with a good answer.

WADDINGHAM: No, don't try to make me feel better.

COULTON: The good feelings of the Emmy nomination have been totally eclipsed.


EISENBERG: (Laughter).

WADDINGHAM: Yeah, you can see how I'm going to react when I lose. I'm going to be like, ahhh.

EISENBERG: So amazing to have you both - Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham star in the comedy "Ted Lasso." The first two seasons are streaming right now on Apple TV+. Thank you so much for joining us.

WADDINGHAM: Thank you two...

GOLDSTEIN: Thank you. It's been so fun.

WADDINGHAM: ...Massively.

COULTON: Such a pleasure - thank you.


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