Kacey Musgraves, 'star-crossed' : #NowPlaying How do you follow up the domestic bliss of Golden Hour when real life doesn't go according to the narrative? Musgraves offers an answer in the form of "star-crossed," the title track of her new album.

Kacey Musgraves, 'star-crossed'

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Our friends at NPR Music are always listening for great new songs, and they are bringing us some of their favorites. Today, we have a song from country star Kacey Musgraves called "star-crossed." Here's NPR Music's Lyndsey McKenna.


LYNDSEY MCKENNA, BYLINE: "star-crossed" opens with these mournful classic guitar sounds, this strumming that's just really - it's so intimate and emotional and wrenching (ph).


KACEY MUSGRAVES: (Singing) Let me set the scene. Two lovers ripped right at the seams.

MCKENNA: You know, this is a breakup record. This confronts her intervening divorce. She brings you up to speed, and she tells you where she's been. She hints at these divorce papers. The whole thing is kind of like a catch-up sequence from a TV show.


MUSGRAVES: (Singing) And then the darkness came. I signed the papers yesterday. You came and took your things away.

MCKENNA: She's always had really hooky wordplay, but here it feels like she's stretching genre-wise what it means to be a country song. You know, is this pop? Is this country? I think it's all Kacey Musgraves, really, at the end of the day.


MUSGRAVES: (Singing) What have we done? Did we fly too high just to get burned by the sun?

MCKENNA: Instead of, like, relying on that cleverness that's always been at the heart of who she is, there's such intimacy and vulnerability. And I think that that's something that I'm looking forward to for the record.


MUSGRAVES: (Singing) Called them by name.

SHAPIRO: NPR's Lyndsey McKenna talking about "star-crossed" by Kacey Musgraves, the title track from her new album coming this month. And there are many more new songs on the NowPlaying blog. That's at npr.org.

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