Demi Adejuyigbe, The 'September' Video Guy, Has Made His Last Masterpiece Since 2016, Demi Adejuyigbe has made increasingly lavish videos dancing to the Earth, Wind and Fire hit "September." "It just feels like doing the impossible with a bunch of friends," he says.

The Man Behind Those Annual 'Sept. 21' Videos Has Made His Last Masterpiece

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EARTH, WIND AND FIRE: (Singing) Do you remember the 21st night of September?


No, it's not the 21st night of September anymore. That was yesterday.


Yesterday was also comedian and writer Demi Adejuyigbe's goodbye to an internet tradition he started. See, in 2016, he remixed the famed Earth, Wind & Fire song as a joke. His roommate encouraged him to post it somewhere.

DEMI ADEJUYIGBE: So I made a video of myself dancing to it. And I made a quick shirt with, like, a stencil that I had and just posted that on Twitter. And people were like, oh, that's funny.

CORNISH: People found it so funny that when September 2017 rolled around, they began re-sharing the video. So Adejuyigbe thought...

ADEJUYIGBE: Oh, maybe I should do another one. Oh, that'd be fun if I, like, escalate it this year. And then as soon as I had done two, it was like, it's a pattern. You're going to do this every year now.

FADEL: Every year since, Adejuyigbe has posted a new video, upping the ante each time with new sets, props, even guests.

CORNISH: In 2018, he was joined by a children's choir.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILDREN: (Singing) ...September. Ba-dee-ya (ph) 21 September.

FADEL: In 2019, a mariachi band.


CORNISH: His September videos have millions of views on YouTube.

ADEJUYIGBE: It's the perfect element of, like, you know when it's going to happen, you know that it's going to be bigger than last year, you know it's going to be a surprise. And so it just feels like you are setting yourself up for excitement every year.

CORNISH: Adejuyigbe has basically created an internet holiday with his videos. They're a lot of work. And in 2020, he was ready to hang up his hat. But instead, he decided to go big.


ADEJUYIGBE: So I'll make a deal with you guys. I'll do another video next year if you can help me raise $50,000 to be split between these select charities.

FADEL: He ended up raising close to $350,000, split between advocacy organizations focused on unhoused people and marginalized communities. And of course, it meant one last video.


EARTH, WIND AND FIRE: (Singing) Ba-dee-ya - say, do you remember - ba-dee-ya - dancing in September?

CORNISH: Like all great performers, he went all out with this one. There's a rotating room, a house party, a flying car.

FADEL: Now, Demi Adejuyigbe might be done with the "September" videos, but he's not done with creating.

ADEJUYIGBE: What I really love about the videos and why I keep making them is just the ability to make things and just have a plan and execute it. I don't know. We'll see what that turns into.

CORNISH: Don't worry, Demi. We'll still be thinking of you every September 21. We're going to stay tuned for what you do next.

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