Pee-wee Herman is hosting a special radio episode on KCRW Pee-wee Herman, the wacky character embodied by comedian Paul Reubens, is DJing a one-time radio show on member station KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif.

Pee-wee Herman is hosting a special radio episode on KCRW

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The newest DJ at our member station KCRW is Pee-wee Herman.


PAUL REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman) I know you are, but what am I?

MARK HOLTON: (As Francis Buxton) You're a nerd.

REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman) I know you are, but what am I?

HOLTON: (As Francis Buxton) You're an idiot.

REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman) I know you are, but what am I?

INSKEEP: Comedian Paul Reubens, who plays the character, begged the station for his own show, and his wish was granted - sort of. He'll be spinning records for a day at the station in Santa Monica.


Pee-wee told KCRW he wears size small headphones. There are sizes? I'll take a medium, like my T-shirt. As far as what kind of music the character might pick, fans of the film "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" might remember when he fired up a jukebox to save himself from a biker gang with a dance.


REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman, laughter) Break dance.

INSKEEP: OK. For this big day, Pee-wee has invited friends from his playhouse to join him on the radio, including Chairry the chair.


ALISON MORK: (As Chairry) You sure look sparkly, Pee-wee.

REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman) Thank you, Chairry, so do you. You always do.

MORK: (As Chairry) I might say the same of you.

REUBENS: (As Pee-wee Herman) Chairry, I've been teasing you a lot lately, and I want you to know I'm sorry.

MORK: (As Chairry) Come over here and sit on me.

MARTINEZ: This isn't Pee-wee's first appearance on KCRW. He picked a few songs on the station's guest DJ project in 2016. His list was surprisingly heavy on soul and funk. He spoke with Mathieu Schreyer about Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly."


REUBENS: You hear, like, four notes of it and you know what it is. And you go crazy.

MATHIEU SCHREYER: You like to go crazy to music, don't you?

REUBENS: Absolutely. Isn't that the point?

SCHREYER: It is the point. But some people like more intellectual music. You like the kind of get on your feet and dance stuff.

REUBENS: Oh, dude, I feel this music.


CURTIS MAYFIELD: (Singing) Taking all that we can take.

INSKEEP: It's only a one-day gig. You can catch Pee-wee hosting this Friday evening.


MAYFIELD: (Singing) Trying to get over. Trying to get over.

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