Boeing Delays Initial 787 Test Flight, Again There's another delay for the first test flight for Boeing Co.'s 787 jetliner, a hot-selling aircraft seen as pivotal for the Chicago-based company. Boeing said it needs to reinforce small areas near the connection of the wings and fuselage before conducting the test flight. The company had insisted the flight would occur before July.

Boeing Delays Initial 787 Test Flight, Again

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NPR's business news starts with another flight delay at Boeing.

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MONTAGNE: It is one of the aircraft maker's hottest selling planes ever. Problem is the aircraft maker hasn't been able to get it off the ground to deliver it to customers. Airlines have been waiting more than two years for Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner. Yesterday, Boeing announced another delay in the maiden voyage of the new aircraft, which is seen as crucial to the company's future. Executives cited structural problems, where the wings attached to the sides of the plane. They said it could be weeks before the flight testing can begin.

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