For Sale: Your Michael Jackson Memorabilia Since Michael Jackson died last week, his trading cards, old albums and autographs are selling for huge amounts of money. A letter Michael Jackson wrote to an unknown "Greg" sold for $20,000, and an album signed by all of the Jackson 5 sold for $27,000.
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For Sale: Your Michael Jackson Memorabilia

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For Sale: Your Michael Jackson Memorabilia

For Sale: Your Michael Jackson Memorabilia

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NPR: Michael memorabilia is selling big right now, as NPR's Tovia Smith reports.

TOVIA SMITH: Talk about timing. For six months, Darren Julien had been planning a Michael Jackson memorabilia auction in Las Vegas for June 26th. That, of course, would turn out to be the day after Jackson's death.

DARREN JULIEN: I mean Michael Jackson's collectability changed overnight, and he went from an icon to a legend. And we knew his value had increased, but we had no idea how high.

: This is signed by all the Jacksons: Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Michael, and Jermaine.

SMITH: Unidentified Man: Three thousand...

SMITH: But the bids kept coming, as they did for everything, from a beaded shirt from Jacksons Victory Tour, to a thank you note scribbled by the King of Pop.

WARRICK STONE: I paid 20 grand for a scrap of paper.

SMITH: Buying for the Hard Rock Café, Warrick Stone bought Jackson's note thanking an unknown Greg for a, quote, "magic moment." I hope it was the same for you, Jackson writes. Please come to visit me at Neverland. Let's hope this is the beginning of a long friendship, and never lose your boyish spirit. Love always, M. Jackson.

STONE: Unidentified Woman: Nine thousand dollars...

SMITH: Little wonder that even the little guys are trying to get in on the action.

HERVE JEAN: It's a huge opportunity.

SMITH: Herve Jean, who sells clothing online, says he started ordering Michael Jackson Rest in Peace T-shirts less than 24 hours after the pop star's death.

JEAN: Unidentified Woman: Seventeen thousand dollars. We aren't done yet.

SMITH: It's exactly why fans everywhere ran for their closets and attics. And faster than you can say A-B-C, 1-2-3, they flooded eBay and Craigslist with their old Michael Jackson LPs, posters, dolls and more.

PAUL SPRAGUE: I got about 70 or 80 of, what do you call them? They're tapestries, life-size Michael.

SMITH: Paul Sprague, from Brockton, Massachusetts, says his neighbor was about to throw him out a few years ago. Sprague took them to a local flea market, but...

SPRAGUE: Nobody would bite. I mean I was willing to take a dollar apiece and nobody would bite.

SMITH: So no you're thinking of selling them for...

SPRAGUE: Well, hey, I put them on the market for $40 each.

SMITH: Forty?

SPRAGUE: Yeah. I'm willing to, you know, negotiate. I mean, God, it didn't cost me anything, so why not try to make a buck? I don't think he'd mind.


SMITH: Unidentified Woman: Twenty-one thousand dollars.

SMITH: But amid the frenzy, buyer beware. There are more fakes than ever, according to Michael Frost, who authenticates autographs on eBay.

MICHAEL FROST: Within hours of Michael's passing, there were thousands of forged autographs up on the Internet. I mean I've been nonstop for the past five days removing things.

SMITH: But the real deal, like that album signed by all five Jacksons...

SMITH: I think this it. It's 27,000 (unintelligible) for 27,000. Congratulations.



SMITH: That fetched 45 times what was expected. As one auctioneer put it, Michael Jackson is now selling for Elvis Presley prices, and Michael would love that.

SMITH: Tovia Smith, NPR News.

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