A hero dog beats back a mountain lion that attacked her owner Erin Wilson recounts how her dog saved her from a mountain lion attack while she hiked along a river in remote Northern California. Eva the Belgian Malinois is recovering.

Eva, the hero dog, beats back a mountain lion that attacked her owner on a hike

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A lot of dog owners say they'd do anything for their pets.


But how many can say their dog would do anything for them? Erin Wilson found out when she walked with her dog Eva in northwest California.

ERIN WILSON: Like, I'm just walking down this slope, and the dog had run ahead of me. And I turn around, and there's this cat just growling at me. And it reaches up, and it swipes at me.

FADEL: And not just any cat. It was a mountain lion.

WILSON: I think I screamed. And I shouted for Eva, and she came running.

INSKEEP: Eva is a Belgian Malinois, a breed known for its intelligence, agility and defense skills.

WILSON: It's a German shepherd on steroids. They are driven dogs. They are crazy.

INSKEEP: So when Eva heard her owner scream, her instinct kicked in.

WILSON: She did what she does, and she hit him. They tussled for a couple seconds, but he got her pretty quickly.

FADEL: Erin jumped into action, too.

WILSON: My fight mode kicked in, and I started picking up rocks. And the first rock I grabbed crumbled on its head. So I knew, like, you know, choke it. Go for its eyes. Hurt it. It was intense.

FADEL: She ran to her truck, grabbed a crowbar and waved down a driver to help.

WILSON: I was standing right next to it, both hands around the crowbar, screaming get off my f****** dog (laughter). It was going to eat her.

INSKEEP: The dog got away, but was in rough shape with a fractured skull, a broken jaw and a damaged eye.

FADEL: But after three days at the vet, Eva's recovering at home, and her owner has only slight injuries.

WILSON: If Eva hadn't come running when she did, I definitely think there was a potential neither of us would have made it.

FADEL: As a reward, Eva will get a big steak and as many plush animals as she can tear apart.


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