Wikipedia suspends edits to its 'recession' page An editing battle over its "recession" entry prompted Wikipedia to put a temporarily lock on revisions to prevent new users from repeatedly changing the definitions of recession.

What is a recession? Wikipedia can't decide

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Is the U.S. entering a recession? Well, that's a question economists can debate, but for the time being, most people on Wikipedia can't.


You see, last week a bunch of news came in about GDP going down and interest rates going up, which led to a spike in a different kind of interest. Lots of people were suddenly interested in editing the Wikipedia page on recessions.

SHAPIRO: Experienced editors pressed pause on the free-for-all. They said newer users weren't citing sources or coming to consensus on a separate discussion page. They also said political bias was creeping in.

CHANG: Now, the White House does not use Wikipedia to determine whether the economy is in recession as far as we know. That declaration comes from a, quote, "official recession scorekeeper" in the National Bureau of Economic Research. And the White House believes when you combine inflation with other data, like consumer spending and job growth, we are not in a recession, at least not just yet.

SHAPIRO: If you disagree, well, the freeze on the Wikipedia page is scheduled to lift Wednesday.

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