George Jetson's birthday might be today, July 31, 2022 According to memes circulating on the internet, July 31, 2022 may just be the birthday of the dopey patriarch from the vintage cartoon, The Jetsons.

Happy Birthday, George Jetson? The internet thinks he was born on July 31, 2022

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UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: (Singing) Meet George Jetson.


Welcome to the world, George Jetson. Or so says the internet. Memes have been circulating claiming today, July 31, 2022, is the birthday of the dopey patriarch of the vintage cartoon "The Jetsons."

Here's how the math works. The show first aired in 1962 but was set 100 years in the future. That would be 2062. During the first season, George reveals that he's 40 years old. 2062 minus 40, and here we are. The fact-checking website Snopes looked into this claim - I guess they didn't have anything else to do - and they called it, quote, "a reasonable estimation of his birth year." As for the day, let's just say there's a 1 in 365 chance that the memes are right. But hey, we've already got talking watches and robot vacuums and flat-screen TVs. Maybe in a few decades, we'll get to pick our own birthdays, too.


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