A miracle landing saved 53 rescue dogs from a plane crash A plane transporting more than 50 rescue dogs from New Orleans to Wisconsin crashed. All of them — as well as the three humans on board — survived.

A miracle landing saved 53 rescue dogs from a plane crash

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There was a miraculous crash landing in Wisconsin this week. A twin engine turboprop bound from New Orleans to Waukesha went down onto a green at the Western Lakes Golf Club. On board - three humans and 53 rescue dogs. All are safe, though there were some minor injuries for humans and canines. A director for the Humane Animal Welfare Society - that's HAWS for short, as in rhymes with paws - told the Washington Post the flight was one of their regularly scheduled trips to bring at-risk adoptable dogs from southern shelters to Wisconsin. Many of the dogs, now known as the Western Lakes Loves, are already available for adoption. HAWS' Maggie Tate-Techtmann added at a press conference, it is a lot of just comforting them and caring for them. A deputy fire chief who was reportedly one of the responders at the crash site has already taken home one of the dogs and calls her Marley.


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