When should you put up Christmas lights? A survey shows where Americans stand The age-old debate is back: When is the acceptable time to put up Christmas lights? A survey says Dec. 1 is a popular date, but some people — especially in Georgia — like to start sooner.

When should you put up Christmas lights? A new survey illuminates an evergreen debate

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, when we debate about the right time to hang up Christmas lights. We asked some Black Friday shoppers out in Beacon, N.Y., to weigh in.

CAM CHALMERS: Probably the day before Christmas 'cause you have all these other holidays you need to worry about, you know, and Christmas just takes over. So we should scooch it back and focus on some other holidays.

LENNOX HARDIN: Well, definitely before Christmas, although it doesn't always happen that way.

DARIA PUGH: I feel like it's, like, the day before Christmas. It's not the best day, but that's when it happens.


PUGH: There's a difference.

HAKIEM SIMMONS: The day after Thanksgiving. Highly recommend - whatever day that feels comfortable for you and your family, you start then.


That was Cam Chalmers, Lennox Hardin, Daria Pugh and Hakiem Simmons. The home improvement website House Method surveyed almost 4,000 U.S. homeowners to ask them the same burning question.

DAVID CUSICK: We found on a little bit of a discrepancy on when people were saying it was acceptable to hang them up and then when people were saying they actually would. So the most common day to actually hang up lights is Dec. 1.

MARTÍNEZ: That's House Method David Cusick. If you're putting off putting up the Christmas lights, survey says you're not alone.

CUSICK: We had almost 3% of people say that they were going to hang up their lights on Christmas Day, which - I don't know about you all, but I thought that was a little wild. And I don't think my wife will let me get away with trying to do presents and hang up Christmas lights on Dec. 25.

MARTIN: Where you live may also play a role in when you hang your lights. Some folks do this even before the Halloween pumpkins have gone bad.

CUSICK: So for Georgia, they were coming in really early and saying that October was fine to hang up Christmas lights. And I don't know, maybe they just want to get in the holiday spirit a little early.

MARTÍNEZ: I guess like the cast of "Saturday Night Live" back in 2001, some Georgians wish it was Christmas today.


HORATIO SANZ: (Singing) I don't care about anything except hearing them sleigh bells ring-a-ding-ding. I wish it was Christmas today. I wish it was...

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