Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fight: Senate holds hearing as fans protest The Senate Judiciary Committee held its much-anticipated hearing into Live Nation and the ticketing industry as dozens of Swifties rallied outside the Capitol and hundreds more joined in virtually.

The Senate's Ticketmaster hearing featured plenty of Taylor Swift puns and protesters

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OK. Now, this hearing's going to be an event. Like, Ticketmaster should be selling tickets because outside the hearings, some of Ticketmaster's critics will be protesting. Jennifer Kinder says they have T-shirts and slogans.

JENNIFER KINDER: Ticketswindle, Ticketmonopoly, Ticketmaster with a line through it, stay mad Swifties - one says Ticketmaster and then underneath it, it says your reputation's never been worse.


Kinder is an attorney representing Taylor Swift fans in a lawsuit. It accuses Ticketmaster of fraud and antitrust violations.

KINDER: We were very, very excited that the Senate is going to hold hearings and ask Ticketmaster what we hope are the very tough questions.

INSKEEP: So critics organized this protest.

KINDER: So that Ticketmaster sees us as they're entering the building, the senators see us, and everyone knows that we're not going away.

FADEL: Organizer Melanie Carlson says they have the people on their side.

MELANIE CARLSON: Everybody hates Ticketmaster. So it's the most nonpartisan, neutral movement in the whole world, probably.

INSKEEP: A movement that even includes non-Taylor Swift fans. Are there such people?

CARLSON: And I've been paying attention for two years now, so I'll see different fandoms getting mad at Ticketmaster. And I've been trying to unite them for, like, at least a year and a half to say we have a common cause because a lot of them fight. Like, Beyonce fans will fight with - or Cardi B or, you know, whatever.

FADEL: Court hearings in the lawsuit are scheduled for March, the same month Taylor Swift's new tour begins.


TAYLOR SWIFT: (Singing) 'Cause, baby, now we've got bad blood. You know, it used to be mad love. So take a look what you've done.

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