Rough Translation host Gregory Warner on the future of the Show Our host Gregory Warner reads your tweets and drops some big news about Rough Translation. Subscribe to Gregory's Substack and follow him on Twitter to stay on the journey. And coming soon: episodes revisiting our archives, plus an exciting summer season in collaboration with NPR's international desk.


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Hey. It's Gregory, host and creator of ROUGH TRANSLATION. You probably heard the news. NPR is facing a budget shortfall and will be stopping production of their seasonal shows, including ROUGH TRANSLATION. I want to thank you for all the tweets and emails of support you've sent us in the last week. They've been absolutely amazing to read. You've told us that ROUGH TRANSLATION kept you company on your travels and when you were stuck at home on lockdown, that our stories showed you there was a space for you in the world of journalism and made you think about what it means to be human.

I'm here to tell you, though, two things that I think will be good news. First, we are not saying goodbye to NPR just yet. We have an incredible summer season that we are hard at work on. It's about love and about family and about democracy. It's about what happens when your duty to family gets weaponized. It's a collaboration with NPR's International Desk. And we're going to tell you a lot more about it here in the coming months.

And finally, something special to announce, something just for you, because, sometimes, you ask us questions like, how did you find that story? Or whatever happened to that kid Rieden from season three? Or you just want to know more about the people that actually make ROUGH TRANSLATION. So I started a Substack, an email newsletter. You can subscribe to basically go behind the scenes of the show. I'll share some of my favorite clips from the archives. Kind of think of it as a curated bit of wonder from the ROUGH TRANSLATION storytelling, brightening your inbox once a week.

Plus, you'll get to know other people in this ROUGH TRANSLATION community, which is super fun. I feel like I'm the only one who gets to know you, but you don't really know each other as much as you should. That Substack is called Around The World in 85 Days because I was given 85 working days left at NPR. And we are going to use them to the max. The link is in the show notes, and you can also follow me on Twitter. I'm @radiogrego. In the lead-up to our summer season, we're going to revisit our archives. So check out this feed. We're going to present some of those favorite stories with a little introduction for me about why I chose it. It's also a perfect time to just tell friends, hey, if you didn't hear ROUGH TRANSLATION, now is the time. Thanks for listening. And more ROUGH TRANSLATION back next week.

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