Transsexual 'L.A. Times' Sportswriter Dead Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Penner, who publicly chronicled his gender transition and returned to the paper under the name Christine Daniels, died Friday evening at age 52.

Transsexual 'L.A. Times' Sportswriter Dead

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We'll take a moment now to remember a trailblazer, a veteran reporter at the Los Angeles Times named Mike Penner. He died this weekend at the age of 52.

SMITH: A few months later, Daniels sat down with NPR's Madeleine Brand and talked about growing up as Mike Penner.

CHRISTINE DANIELS: And I just felt that I kind of got a raw deal on this thing, and yeah, I wish I could be a girl. I really envy girls. But I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. And so I just tried to make the best of - best of being Mike for a lot of years.

MADELEINE BRAND: And when did you decide, I think I'm ready to change, I think the time has come, I no longer want to be Mike anymore?

DANIELS: Yeah, that started bubbling up in late 2004 to the point where I was dressing at home and I wasn't going out, and you look in the mirror. I mean, for 20 years, I was closeted. I would dress once a month, twice a month. Then in 2004, it was starting to get to every week. It's called a gender dysphoria, and it builds in transsexuals.

SMITH: Christine, we're born with this. We fight it as long as we can, and it always wins. And I said: I have to - I just have to find out about this. I don't want to die without knowing - without knowing if this is really me.

SMITH: This is NPR News.

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